Episode 1 Amy Crouse of Bolder Band

April 22, 2015

We believe great double-unders start with a great speed rope.  That's why we went to work creating high end jump ropes with components that can be customized.

Our Jump ropes are super-fast, super-stylish, and they don't get lost in the crowd when you're in a group workout.  You'll always know which jump rope is yours, and having your own jump rope will take your double-under skills to new heights.

Just click the image below to design the perfect rope.  We know you'll be a Double Under Wonder in no time!


This week we visit with Amy Crouse of Bolder Band. She's a super-fit mother of 3 who manages to stay fit, own her own company, and work CrossFit and running into her schedule.

She'll give us one actionable fitness tip, and we'll workout together. Make sure to search iTunes for "Double Under Wonder." The audio podcast will give you workout cues to guide you through the workout.

Todays workout is...

10 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

10 double unders

20 walking lunges

Thanks for watching!  Click here if you need a super-cool jump rope!

Justin Farr
Justin Farr