Twilight Twirl

The Twilight Twirl speed rope features limited edition bold gold aluminum handles and the fight back black rope. As the sun sets, this rope will encourage you to seize the night and make it your playground. Are you ready to unlock your DUBS?

Just click above to choose your height from the drop down menu, and we'll start building your rope right away!

Please note: We recommend sizing up to the nearest inch if you are in-between sizes.

*If you select an adjustable rope as your desired rope length, please note that the rope can only be adjusted between the heights of 4'4" and 6'4"

*If you don't see your height listed, please contact our customer service team at and our team will be happy to help get you the perfect rope that fits your height.*

Product Specs

  • ROPE: 3/32” galvanized stainless steel coated in PVC maintaining a tangle and kink-free structure.
  • HANDLES: 5 1/4” long and 3/4" in diameter. Constructed with hollow material keeping the entire rope light and efficient.
  • MADE FOR: SPEED! These ropes are PERFECT for Double Unders. Our handles utilize ball bearings that attach to the rope allowing for smooth rotations and an ease for speed. You'll be a Double Under Wonder in no time!
  • INCLUDES:A FREE Double Under Wonder bag

How to Use

Our ropes are made for frictionless speed. These are recommended for use with a mat or similar surface, not for use on hard abrasive surfaces.

***The Double Under Wonder speed rope products are intended for use solely by adults only and not children. The ropes are speed ropes and move very quickly, and can hurt someone standing nearby if they are hit by a rope when it is in use. By purchasing the ropes you promise to ensure there are safety procedures in place in all facilities where such rope is used to ensure that the Double Under Wonder speed ropes are used by adults only, and that it is clear that anyone using such ropes must have ample space around them so as not to injure anyone nearby. Further, the speed ropes are intended for use inside, on a mat, or outside on a soft mat large enough to ensure the rope does not hit concrete or another hard surface that could break the rope. Any other use other than the uses for the speed ropes outlined herein, shall be considered a misuse of the product by the user of such product.***