Gogh Getter + Wrist Wrap Bundle

How Tall Are You?: 6'4"

Fitness is more than straining and sweating for hours at the gym, fitness is a form of expression! Our starry Gogh-Getter speed rope and vivid Splatter Paint Wrist Wrap will show you just how easy it is to express yourself through movement. Get yourself theGogh Getter + Wrist Wrap Bundle and get creative with your workouts!

Just click above to choose your height from the drop down menu, and we'll start building your rope right away!

Please note: We recommend sizing up to the nearest inch if you are in-between sizes.

*If you select an adjustable rope as your desired rope length, please note that the rope can only be adjusted between the heights of 4'4" and 6'4"

*If you don't see your height listed, please contact our customer service team at and our team will be happy to help get you the perfect rope that fits your height.*