Double Under Wonder Dust

Double Under Wonder

For an extra dollar, we'll sprinkle Double Under Wonder Dust on your jump rope!

Will this help me with my Double Unders?

We think so.  You can ruin everything, and read why here, or you can just believe in Double Under Wonder Dust, and let us sprinkle some on your custom speed rope.

Will Double Under Wonder Dust wear off?

Yes, but by the time Double Under Wonder Dust wears off completely, you won't need it anymore.

What if I don't believe in Double Under Wonder Dust?

That's OK.  Double Under Wonder Dust is very emotionally secure, and does not need your validation.

Will Double Under Wonder Dust get all over everything?

You asked that question as if everything shouldn't have glitter on it. 

To answer your question, yes!  Every time you take your rope out of your bag, some Double Under Wonder Dust will come out with it. It will get on your gym floor. It will stick to your clothing. It will make the owner of your gym hate you a little bit.

Am I going to buy this?

Probably.  Most people do if they've read this far.

What if I already have a jump rope, can I buy this product on its own?

No.  This product can only be ordered as an add-on to your current rope order (we do a special dance while we sprinkle it on your rope).

What if I am ordering more than 1 rope?

Double Under Wonder Dust thinks everyone who doesn't want glitter on their rope should loosen up a little bit.  If you buy Double Under Wonder Dust, it will be sprinkled on each jump rope in your order.  All husbands, boyfriends, and gym owners will have to deal with your (super-fun) decision.

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