30 Day Challenge

Put your double under skills to the test! Scale this challenge up or down depending on your fitness level. ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE!

Challenge includes: Day 1-14 scalable workouts, be sure to track your progress! Day 15-29 repeat workouts, compare how you did! Day 30 Flight Simulator DUBS challenge!

What you need:  A jump rope & space to jump. A 30 Day Challenge Tee or Tank!

Day 1:

:30 seconds Jumping (doubles or Singles)

:30 seconds Rest x20

Day 2:

30 Double Unders (60 singles)

20 squats

10 push ups  

Repeat 5 times

Day 3:

Mobility Jump Rope 3 min to warm up your body 

20 Pass Throughs 

20 Overhead Squats

20 Super Man

20 Hollow Hold

Repeat 4 times

Day 4:


Day 5:

Rest or make up a day missed

Day 6:

AMRAP 10 min 

6 Lateral Burpees

12 Sit Ups

24 High Knees Jump Rope

Day 7:

Max reps 

5 sets of max reps Unbroken Doubles or Singles

(Make sure to warm up properly)

Day 8:

1 min Jumping

1 min Rest x 10

(Singles or doubles)

Day 9:


10 Forward Lunges  

20 Boxer Skip Ropes

10 Backwards Lunges 

20 Double Unders (40 singles)

Day 10:

Mobility warm up 1-3 min jump rope (never stretch a cold body)

1 min calf stretch each calf

1 min hamstring stretch 

1 min each side pigeon pose 

1 min each pose hip mobility using jump rope as a band (3 min total)

Repeat last movement on the other leg

Day 11:


Day 12:

Rest or make up a day missed

Day 13:

10 overhead squats

20 plank forward taps (10 each side)

10 T push-ups (5 each side)

20 double unders

Day 14:

:30 Double under challenge 

As many reps as possible in :30 x 10

Rest as needed in between

Day 15 - 29:

Repeat the last 14 days of workouts! Compare how you did. 

Day 30:

Flight simulator 


Double under unbroken if you mess up during an unbroken set start that set over 

Scale to your ability either 1/2 the reps or singles or 1/2 reps and singles