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Dear CrossFit,

March 01, 2017

Above:  Our newest model Carissa performing "Victory Pose With A Barbell" in her AMGAP tank :)

Another hilarious guest post by Amanda Kolman...Enjoy!

- - -

Dear CrossFit,

You seem to be doing fine on your own, but I thought I'd write anyway with a little re-branding advice. There are a number of exercises and WODs in your repertoire of nightmare-inducing workouts that might be a little more appealing if you changed their names. I present just a few here for your consideration:


This is a no brainer. First of all, they begin with the word burp.  Not pleasant at all. Plus, in this morning's workout I noticed that the motion of a burpee actually feels like defeat. The throwing of oneself down on the floor makes it feel like the workout is over and it's nap time. This means that you will need an extra bit of mental energy to talk yourself into getting back up. I'm wondering if that could be accomplished by renaming these A PHEONIX RISING FROM THE ASHES. Sure, it's a little more cumbersome, but I think it's obviously a better choice than Burpee. Gross.

Annie, Grace, Elizabeth, Fran...and the like.

I am disappointed that you chose to name all of these horrible workouts after people I know. Now when I see those people all I can think is, "You suck!" 

Instead of trying to give them lady names, let's just call them what they are. Something like, HORRIBLE WOD #1, HORRIBLE WOD #2, and so on. Honesty is the best policy here.


This is just nonsensical.  There is nothing in this movement that even remotely resembles cleaning.  Besides, almost everyone hates to clean. If you prefer to be nonsensical, how about picking something more fun like, ROLLERCOASTER or PUPPY BREATH. At least then, we feel good for a second before we collapse on the floor, breathing so hard that we taste blood.


This needs no explanation.  It's just wrong. How about VICTORY POSE WITH A BARBELL (pictured above). It's more self-explanatory this way...and less dirty.


I get it. It's a workout where you chip away at massive amounts of exercises until you get it done. But, it seems a little cruel to call something chipper that is so hard. It doesn't make me feel chipper at all. Plus, chipper is a happy-go-lucky attitude and I really need to channel a more hard core approach when I walk through the door of my box. In fact, how about something reflecting that attitude like: TAKE A LOT OF FEROCIOUS BITES OUT OF THIS WOD.

The truth is, even if you called an exercise PUKERS we would probably all still be lined up outside the door of our box ready to get to it. We are obviously a bunch who care more about the muscle and the community we are building than we do about what crazy things people might think if they overhear us talking about Thrusters.

Whatever you decide, it seems that people will keep coming back for more. But, I think you can do better. I believe in you CrossFit.

Always Sore in Cincinatti

- - -

P.S. One exercise that is perfectly named...THE DOUBLE UNDER. It's fun AND it is accurate...just like the Double Under Wonder jump rope I purchased. Colorfully designed and perfectly sized for accuracy. Now there's a company who knows how to name things :)



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5 WODS Every Mom Has Done :)

February 23, 2017

If you are a mom, like me, you may not have made it to the gym today. You may have found yourself running, but it was probably out of time rather than around the block. But, I can also guarantee that you did a lot of other important stuff. 
When I have those days where I have to skip a workout, I like to play a game in my head where I make up pretend CrossFit workouts for all the other important stuff I did. Then I feel a little better about not hitting the box...
WOD #1:  The Push Press
  3 rounds for time 
  Load coffee into french press
  Rest for 3 minutes while water boils
  Load water into press
  Rest for 3 minutes while coffee steeps
  Press, pour, and drink
  Tell your kids to stop arguing every minute on the minute.
WOD #3: Clean and Jerk-1 RM
  Spend lots of time cleaning the floors.
  Yell at any jerks who walk in with muddy shoes.
WOD #4: Shuttle Run
  16 hour AMRAP
  Shuttle kids to activities & run errands from morning 'til night.
WOD #5: Military Press   
  Threaten to send your kids to military school if they don't obey!
  You should definitely plan to go Beast Mode on this one.
Okay, maybe it is kind of a stretch to consider these things a workout, but doing what you do every day is definitely not easy.  These are workouts that will test any mom's moxie. Actually, come to think of it, why don't you get dressed and go to the gym today.  You deserve the break :)
- - -
P.S. "Double Under Wonder" might be the way I describe myself when I finally getting around to cleaning out under my kids' double beds, but it is also a pretty fabulous jump rope.  Get yourself one today. You can use it at the gym or to hog tie those kids while you take a nap.



"CrossFit" is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. This website is independently created and maintained by its owners, without any affiliation, connection, or association with CrossFit, Inc., nor the sponsorship, endorsement or approval of CrossFit, Inc. or any of its parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates.

How To Be a Super Kid...

February 16, 2017

My son turned 6 yesterday, but he wasn't just the birthday boy at school, he was also the "Super Kid."

In his kindergarten class they have a new Super Kid every day, and when you're the Super Kid, you have a certain amount of responsibilities, and privileges. 

You get to be creative by bringing something to show the class that starts with the letter of the day (my son brought an Orangutan).  You get to influence the people around you by choosing which games to play, and which activities to do (my son chose Heads Up 7 Up).  You get to be generous by sharing a snack with the rest of the class (my son brought cupcakes...normally not on the menu, but hey, it was his birthday).

When he got home yesterday he took his Super Kid sticker off and stuck it to the back of my journal.  My first thought was..."Hey, don't stick a sticker on my journal!  I have to walk around with that, and it might damage the cover if I peel it off..."

After thinking about it a bit, I decided just to leave the sticker where it was. 

My journal is where I keep all my to-do lists, and goals, which is probably the best possible place to have a Super Kid sticker.

As an adult we get the freedom to make our own decisions, so every day we wake up is a chance to be the Super Kid.

We get to be creative, and influence the people around us. We get to share things with people, and be generous.  We get to walk alongside the people in our lives, and exercise the responsibilities and privileges that have been given to us.

In essence, we have to be the Super Kid no matter what, and since we've been given this role, it sure would be nice if we all hit the workplace, gym, or home-front with the same beaming smile my son carries with him on his Super Kid day.

Whether you have a journal with an awesome sticker on it or not, I hope you'll join me in leaning into your Super Kid role. The world sure could use more of your creativity, influence, and generosity.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

- - -

P.S. Every Super Kid should have a super-sweet jump rope right?  Click below to design yours!

Life As an Island...

February 10, 2017

Indulge me with an analogy for a moment as I compare life to an island....

I find that when I start obsessing about something, I start cramming lots of new stuff on to my already crowded island. If I decide to hit the gym twice per day...time with my kids falls off the island. If I decide to skip lunch, and work nutrition falls off the island. If I decide to take a week-long opportunities fall off the island.

Sometimes additions to the island are good. Sometimes additions to the island are a total disaster, but whether something belongs, or doesn't belong isn't really the point.

Here is the point...

As I'm busily running around trying to add stuff to my island, and bumping things off, and pulling them back up out of the water, sometimes I forget that...I LIVE ON A FREAKING CARIBBEAN ISLAND!!!

(figuratively speaking of course)

If I look around my island, I have some really awesome things on it. I have a family who cares about me, a business I love, a healthy body, a great church, a community to be involved in...etc.

Sure, just like everyone's island, there are some hard things wandering around on it, but all in all...

This island is awesome!

Unfortunately, I don't always see it that way. I think, "Dang, it sure would have been nice to have that P.R. on the island."...or..."Man, we sure could spruce up the island with some more income..."

If you can relate, I hope you'll join me in taking frequent breaks from anxiously pacing the shore, and scanning the horizon.  I think most of us could use to let a few boatloads of new additions pass by the island.

PR's are great. Success is great, but you know what else is great?

You guessed it; your island :)

Have a wonderfully restful day!


CrossFit.  Why would anyone do it?  It's hard.  It hurts.  It's mentally and physically exhausting...etc.

So, how does something as hard as CrossFit become the world's leading fitness trend?

Well, I don't know.

But that's not a very entertaining answer, so let me say this...I kinda know. 

Every once in a while I stumble on one more reason CrossFit makes sense, and I had one of those moments the other day.

I was contemplating work.

So much of our "work" these days does not involve physical activity.  It's email, it's research, it's attending meetings...etc.  With all that "work," and with all the different directions we can take locally, and through the web, I think we can become very overwhelmed. 

Should you email that person, or should you write that proposal?  Should you make that phone call, or should you pay that invoice...or check your voicemail...or run that errand...or schedule that appointment...etc.

Many times we just end up languishing in a pile of unfinished tasks, not knowing where to start, or what to do.

The work at CrossFit is different.  CrossFit says start here, finish there....Or...Do this.  We'll measure it.

The work CrossFit offers is very simple.  It lets us put our worry, anxiety, and hesitation on hold long enough to simply WORK.

We need that.  We need to know that our effort does things, that we can affect the world around us, that we're able to accomplish what we set out to do.

Granted, it's not like we're doing a barn raising or something.  We're not doing any ACTUAL work.  We're doing work for work's sake, but it's still of great value.

Show me someone with thier head in their hands wondering what in the world they're going to do with their life before a workout, and I'll show you someone with their chin up, and full of hope when they walk out of the WOD. 

Why?  Because the physical act of doing work shows us that we are not helpless, that we can do hard stuff, and that we're capable of more than we ever imagined.

If you're having one of those "head in your hands" type of days, I hope you'll have enough courage to drag yourself to the gym. 

Whether you're having a pity party for yourself, or you're going through something VERY real, and VERY difficult, the work you do at CrossFit will reveal the truth about the strength you have, and the person you are.  Once you know that, the world is a lot easier to deal with.

Have a wonderfully hard workout :)

- - -


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Taking Space to Learn...

January 23, 2017

We have a new(ish) employee at Double Under Wonder. 

Her name is Lydia, and hiring her has been one of the best decisions we've made since we launched the company.  She builds jump ropes, nails the customer service aspects of her job, and heavily influences many of the creative things we do.

Today I was adding to her list of responsibilities, and when something didn't click immediately, she recognized her frustration, and said something that was so wise...

"Sometimes I just don't give myself space to learn." - Lydia

Gosh, how true this is in SOOOO many areas of our lives.  I see REALLY athletic people who get SUPER frustrated when they don't immediately get the hang of a clean, or a snatch in their first session at the local box. 

I see people (including myself) make excuses in their careers.  They'll say..."I'm just not good at..."  or..."I'm just not the type of person who can..."

Name your skill, and you'll see people get frustrated with it, throw in the towel, or declare their ineptitude at the first sign of difficulty.

There is a reason the snatch is an Olympic event.  There is a reason people major in marketing in college.  There is a reason people take years to become proficient in a foreign language.

All these things take time to learn, yet we attempt new skills, and immediately expect to be proficient.  It just doesn't work that way.

We have to become students before we become masters. 

Give yourself some space to use a PVC pipe for your overhead squat.  Expect to get spit out of your handstand frequently when attempting your first HSPU.  Be prepared to flop around on the pull-up bar like a dead fish for a while before you find the rhythm of your butterfly kip.

Tossing your rope across the room will never help you develop your double-unders.  Giving yourself space to learn, will.

As they say...

"Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something." -Jake the Dog (Adventure Time)


Have a wonderful day!

- - -

 P.S.  While giving yourself time to suck is all well, and good, It should be noted that there ARE things that can drastically improve your chances of learning a new skill.  Ask lots of questions,  practice on purpose (frequently)...and when it comes to double-unders, invest in your own rope :)





Our New Office...

January 17, 2017

Double Under Wonder is expanding!

We're moving part of our operations a few blocks down from our fulfilment center, and remodeling some space in an office that was built in 1904.

I love history, so the idea of working in a space that is over 100 years old is really fun for me.

As I was repainting my office, I noticed the doorknob pictured above.  Apparently, sometime in the last 103 years, someone did a really terrible job cutting-in around it.

At first I was annoyed, and had plans to take the errant paint off with a solvent at the first opportunity I had, but then I started wondering who was responsible...

Maybe it was an entrepreneur in the 1920s who didn't have a ton of time to spend on silly things like painting. (like me)

Maybe it was someone in the 1970s who bribed their friends with a 6-pack of beer to help them repaint their office. (like I did)

Maybe it was a parent in the 1990's, who had a child who insisted on "helping" them paint their new office.  (like mine did)

Whoever is responsible for this sub-standard paint job, I'm going to leave it the way it is as long as I'm here. 

It reminds me that moving forward isn't always perfect, that friends who show up in the middle of the night to paint a wall and drink a beer are hard to come by, and that letting a kid "help" is more important than a perfectly performed task.

My doorknob is a bit like my life.  It's messy, and it's certainly not how I planned it to be, but it gives me access to a brand new set of opportunities each day.

If you're ever in Canon City, Colorado, shoot us an email, or give us a call.  We'll let you see where we build our jump ropes.  We'll show you around one of the awesome CrossFit affiliates in our town, and we'll even let you use our less-than-perfect doorknob :)

Have a WONDERFUL day!

- - -

P.S.  While our "new" office has been around the block a time or two, our jump ropes are fun, bright, and perfectly painted.  Click below to design one today!


 "CrossFit" is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. This website is independently created and maintained by its owners, without any affiliation, connection, or association with CrossFit, Inc., nor the sponsorship, endorsement or approval of CrossFit, Inc. or any of its parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates.

Let's be honest.  One reason CrossFit is so successful is that it just plain looks cool.  CrossFitters climb ropes, stand on their heads & do push-ups, flip tires, etc.

...Which got us thinking, what could make it look even cooler?

1.  Foam Weights...

Granted.  Most of the weights used in CrossFit are already the same diameter, which means whether you're using a 10 lb plate, or a 45 lb plate you're going to look like a total beast, but how cool would Rich Froning look if he snatched 315 lbs of foam?  Beyond cool, that's how he'd look. 

Bonus cool-points if he could somehow shape the foam to look like 2 Volkswagon Beetles welded to his barbell.

2.  Fire...

Jump ropes aren't the only thing we could light on fire.  Bumber plates, barbells, wall-balls...etc.  It could all be one flaming ball of awesomeness.  Maybe we could even train to be actual fire-breathers, and blow giant balls of flames out of our mouths at the top of a max dead-lift.  Who's with me?  No?  Fine.

3. Weights that fall apart at the perfect time...

Sure, we've all claimed to "destroy" workouts, or "crush" our PRs, but what if we could actually leave our barbell in a pile of wreckage at the end of a workout and walk off like a boss?  That would be cool.

4.  Going into hiding after "Karen"...

This is more of a passive way to look cool.  If you've ever done 150 wall-balls for time, you know un-cool you look trying to use your legs for the next 3 days.  I think we'd all be better off finding a place to hide so we can maintain our super-fit-and-functional image.

5.  More Gymnastics...

Oh really?  You did a Clean & Jerk?  Did it have a back flip in it?  No?  Yawn.  You're missing out on Instagram glory if you're not throwing in some extra moves.  Let's step up our game shall we?  We're trying to look cool over here :)

With a little effort, I'm sure we can look even cooler at the box.  Just don't try any of this stuff, and break your neck, or set yourself on fire.  That would be REALLY uncool.  Definitely don't break your neck WHILE setting yourself on fire.  That would be even more un-cool.

- - -

 P.S.  These jump ropes don't just look cool,  they'll also help you nail your double-unders...Which I guess will also make you look cool, so it's a win-win :)

Click below to design a super cool jump rope!



"CrossFit" is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. This website is independently created and maintained by its owners, without any affiliation, connection, or association with CrossFit, Inc., nor the sponsorship, endorsement or approval of CrossFit, Inc. or any of its parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates.


In Defense of Resolutions...

December 27, 2016

New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday.  I love everything about it.  Time with friends, fireworks, champagne, staying up late, toasting the new year...etc.

However, what I love MOST about this time of year are all the resolutions.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this world who scoff at resolutions.  They've seen the waves of new members at the gym on January 1st who vanish by January 5th.  They've seen countless co-workers start diets, but succumb to birthday cake at the very next office party.  They've seen person after person fall short of their goals, and so they've given up hope on resolutions altogether.

Some of these people are polite enough to nod along and smile when you tell them about your goals for the new year.  Some of them are negative enough to be very vocal about their disbelief in you.  Either way, there are people out there who will not be rooting for you.

We are not those people.

We believe you have the power, and strength to change.  We believe you when you say you've had enough.  We believe you when you say you want more.  We trust you when you boldly declare that THIS TIME will be different! 

We have NOT given up on you.

We can't be there to cheer for you in person, but with every whir of your jump rope, I hope you'll hear us whisper our encouragement.  With every slap of your rope on the gym floor, I hope you'll hear us applauding your efforts, and with every stinging missed rep, I hope you'll be reminded of the respect we have for anyone willing to earn a few battle scars.

Whether you've decided on your resolutions for the new year already, or you decide to shoot for a new goal sometime down the road,  there are two things that will always be true as long as our company exists.

1.  You can do it. 

2.  We believe in you.


Happy New Year!

- - -


I sit here writing this with a sinus headache, and a cough.  I've been trying to nurse myself back to health for about a week, and I'm getting there, but I'm still just not 100%.

Here's the good news.   This whole experience is making me appreciate my normally healthy body so much more.

Two days into my illness, I was feverish, achy, and absolutely miserable.  I groaned the silent prayer, "Dear Lord, don't ever let me get sick and die!"

I can't imagine being uncomfortable and sick for months, or years on end.   My heart breaks for anyone who's had to walk that road.  I would much rather get hit by a bus, or die trying to fend off a Mountain Lion on a trail run or something.

Unfortunately, even if I start J-walking while texting, or running through the wilderness smeared in honey, and raw meat, there is still the possibility that I will get sick and die of some sort of slow, painful, disease someday.

So why even worry about nutrition and exercise?   If we're all going to die anyway, and we don't get to pick exactly how we go out, what's the point?

Well, that's a bit like saying..."Houses burn down all the time. It could happen to anyone.  Why not have a little fun, and set my curtains on fire!?!?"

This year I had the privilege of hearing CrossFit founder Greg Glassman speak at a business conference. In his talk, he stated that an estimated 70% of Americans die of preventable causes.

What can prevent the illness in that 70% slice of the pie?   Proper nutrition and exercise... or in even simpler terms... CrossFit.

Even as a CrossFitter, I can't guarantee that I won't get sick and die someday, but as much as it is up to me, I'd like to give myself the best possible chance to live a long healthy life, or to die some sort of "blaze of glory" death.

Any moment now, a meteor may crash through my ceiling and leave me at the bottom of a smoking hole in the floor, and if that happens, I'm cool with that.  I Just don't ever want to have to explain to my family that I'm leaving this world early because of my intense love for eating chocolate Donettes on my couch.

This holiday season, I hope you make more good nutrition choices than bad, and I hope you'll make time for exercise.  Who knows?  with any luck you could die in a skydiving accident on your 90th birthday :)

We're all playing the odds a bit in this life, but the more good choices we make, the more we minimize the risk of long term illness, and maximize the possibility of a long, WONDERFUL life.

See you at the box!

- - -

P.S.  Click below to design a death-defying custom speed rope :)

  "CrossFit" is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. This website is independently created and maintained by its owners, without any affiliation, connection, or association with CrossFit, Inc., nor the sponsorship, endorsement or approval of CrossFit, Inc. or any of its parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates.

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