DoubleThick Replacement Cables

If your rope has seen better days, but your handles are still totally functional, we've got you covered with our DoubleThick replacement cables!

Just choose your favorite rope color from the drop-down menu!

Click below to see how to easily change out your old rope...

*If you select an adjustable rope as your desired rope length, please note that the rope can only be adjusted between the heights of 4'4" and 6'4"

If you don't see your height listed, please contact our customer service team at and our team will be happy to help get you the perfect rope that fits your height.*

Product Specs

  • ROPE:1/8” galvanized stainless steel coated in PVC maintaining a tangle and kink-free structure.

How To Use

Please note: A set of wire cutters is required to clip your old rope off your handles, and trim excess wire during installation.

Additional Details

Introducing our new DoubleThick Replacement Cables!

Here are 2 reasons why we think you'll love them...

Reason #1 - The coating is 2x thicker.

With all the quarantines in place, more people than ever are exposing their ropes to abrasive surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and unshaven legs.

With all that scratchiness, people are burning through adjustable replacement cables like episodes of The Tiger King. 

While we still recommend jumping on a mat or a smooth surface, our DoubleThick ropes will last longer.​​​​​​​

Reason #2 - They're easier to feel.

Many people struggle with "feeling" where the rope is as it travels around their body.

Sometimes all a person needs is a little extra weight on their rope to become more spatially aware, and start stringing together some double unders!