1 Jump Rope Drill To Fix 4 Issues!

Here's how to use this 1 jump rope drill to fix 4 issues...

Do a standard single-under jump while traveling forward across the floor.

Set up barriers on each side.

Continue to move the barriers closer together with each pass making it harder and harder to travel between them.

Keep doing this until the athlete can’t squeeze through the barriers anymore.

Here’s why it helps...

1. Many athletes have a hard time getting their hands in under their shoulders, the barriers force the athlete into a better upper body position.

2.  Traveling forward across the floor helps people who bend at the waist like a dolphin get the hang of opening their hips up and pointing their toes down.

3.  Many people who bend at the waist during double unders also have a habit of moving backwards in their jump.  Practicing this forward motion helps reduce backward double under wandering.

4. Pointing your toes down and traveling forward is also great for people who kick their feet up behind them like a donkey.  Let's get those heels back down where they should be!

So there you have it.  One drill to help with 4 issues.  Give it a go in your next warm up and see if it helps you find a better body position for double unders!

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