10 (Horrible) Double Under Tips

There are lots of horrible double under tips out there.  Here are 10 of the worst.
1.  Be properly "fueled."
Jumping rope burns TONS of calories, which means you need to make sure you're properly “fueled” if you’re going to get through a long jump rope workout.
If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, we have 2 words for you:  “supersize it.”
Just drive through your favorite McRestaurant on your way to the gym, and throw down a meal somewhere in the 1200-calorie range.
You’ll be knocking out reps long after your paleo touting friends run out of energy. 
Pro tip:  Make sure you drink your 44 ounces of "energy" (a.k.a. soda) RIGHT before the workout starts to maximize your endurance.
2.  Get out of your own head.
Sometimes focusing on reps can be intimidating.
Instead of slowly freaking out as you near your double under P.R., try counting by time rather than numbers.
Each double under takes about .537 seconds, so get your mind off the reps and just count each double under by time.
.537, 1.74, 2.277, etc.
This way when you get to 39.201 seconds, you'll know you’ve done 73 double unders!  Try this super easy double under tip and destroy your current PR!
3.  There’s always time travel!
Someday you’ll have tons of unbroken double unders. Don’t you wish you could talk to yourself in the future and see what finally made sense to you and helped you nail your first dubs?
Some people might waste a trip to the future on something silly like taking note of the winning lottery numbers, or bringing back a cure for some terrible disease, but those people clearly don't care enough about jumping rope.
4.  Up the ante.
Practice double unders with a garden hose, a rusty steel cable from an old abandoned rail yard, or a section of barbed wire!
If you stick with one of these less than ideal "ropes" for a couple months, doing double unders with a properly sized speed rope aught to be a breeze!
5. Use two jump ropes.
Last time I checked, 1 + 1 is still 2. Which means twisting 2 jump ropes together and simply jumping rope like a normal person will allow a jump rope to pass under your feet twice with every jump.
Some may call this double under tip cheating, but they're probably the same type of goody-two-shoes people who do things like use crosswalks and ignore perfectly good opportunities to borrow their neighbor's car without asking.
6. Space X.
I know asking Elon Musk to hook you up with a free trip to space sounds crazy, but a jump rope session on the moon will likely get you enough hang time to actually nail your first dubs.
If a guy will launch a Tesla Roadster to Mars (click here if you didn’t hear about this), we’re sure he won’t think you’re too awfully crazy when you volunteer for a trip to the Moon under the banner of finally getting a few double unders.
7. Hire a Double Under Wondercoach.
For $280,000 dollars, we’ll send a Double Under Wondercoach to live with you for 3 years.
Your coach will assess your diet and exercise regimen to make sure you’re getting enough rest and eating enough cheat meals to achieve your double under goals.
Coaches are also skilled in making you feel like you just have some sort of emotional hang-up that is keeping you from being great at double unders.
They’ll say things like:
“Have you given yourself permission to be successful at double unders?”
Or my personal favorite:
“Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? When you think about failing at double unders, you attract more failed double unders...etc.”
8.  Moon shoes.
You may think moon shoes are just an obnoxious toy parents buy their kids to make them fall down and hurt themselves, but they’re actually a quite useful tool for becoming an annoying adult who can do unlimited double unders!
Please try doing this and PLEASE send video!
Wait, our lawyer just told us that this is really bad advice and that we could be sued if you hurt yourself, so if you try it, don’t hurt yourself.
9. Dueling weed whackers.
You may just need to add some speed to your rope to get it to go under your feet twice, so here's what you do:  Duct tape your jump rope to 2 weed whackers and... Wait...our lawyers don’t like this one either...
10.  Practice.
Yes, I know, you'd probably rather listen to the rest of the weed whacker double under tip.
This may be the most horrible double under tip on the list because it’s something you’ll need to do someday.
The key is to practice double unders often, not for long periods of time. Play around with them. Keep giving them a try. Quit for the day when you get mad.
Here is an image you can save to your phone and review before each practice session...
We strongly believe you can do this, but if not, we’re happy to schedule a phone call to see if a Double Under Wondercoach is right for you. :)
Also, to step completely away from terrible advice, the BEST tip for getting your first double unders is to consistently use the same properly sized rope (for reals).
Click below to create a jump rope that is designed to fit your style, cut to fit your height, and always ready to hit a workout!
- - -