How To Start CrossFit...


1.  Have friends who love/hate you enough to talk to you about CrossFit until you want to throw up.


2.  Agree to go to the box to try it out; be surprised how quickly you actually do want to throw up.


3.  After you've been going for a while, use your newfound fitness to do the workouts heavier and faster, so you'll still want to throw up.


4.  Continue to work on and develop new skills (running start not recommended for muscle-ups).


5.  Talk to all your friends about CrossFit until they want to throw up.

Ok, Ok...Anyone who does CrossFit knows that we're (sort of) kidding.

If you choose to walk into the local box, rest assured you'll be given a workout that is far from nauseating, and that you'll be able to slowly scale up your intensity with your fitness level/mastery of movements.

However, someday you'll actually enjoy pushing workouts REALLY hard.  We know it's weird, and we know you probably don't believe us (yet), but you'll be just as sick as the rest of us someday.  :)

If you've been thinking about how to start CrossFit... just start!

If you've already started...keep talking about CrossFit!

- - -

P.S.  New gear is a great conversation topic if your friends are tired of hearing about today's WOD :)

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