10 People Who Need Our Jump Ropes ASAP!

Here at Double Under Wonder, you can design a custom speed rope to fit your height, and your style.

Sadly, there are people who (apparently) have never heard of our company, but  desperately need our jump ropes.  Here are some of those people...

#1 - Katy Perry

Does anyone have her contact info?  We can imagine that she's super bummed about losing her jump rope in the crowd.  Also, as much as we love Katy she REALLY needs to work on her double under form. :)

#2 - This guy

You thought it hurt to whack your shins with a speed rope? Imagine missing a double under with molten steel. This guy is playing with fire (literally). He needs one of our ropes yesterday.

#3,4,5,6,7 & 8  -  These girls

Some people will do anything to be able to jump rope, and here we are taking it for granted. If anyone out there knows any of these poor disadvantaged girls who are desperate to jump rope, have them send us an email.

#9 - This Bear/Rodent thing

Our ropes are cut to fit your height, and this rope is obviously too short.  We'd love to hook this mythical creature up with a rope that would have him magically double-undering like a real beast in no time.

#10 - Aquaman

Who knew you could swing a rope under water? We didn't, but since all sorts of things are possible under the sea, Aquaman definitely needs one of our ropes.  He'd probably be able to string quadruple-unders right out of the gate with all that buoyancy. 



If you or someone you know needs a jump rope, you've come to the right place!  Share the link to this blog post, or click below to start designing a custom speed rope for you or a friend!

Happy jumping!

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