Increase Your Fitness by Listening to Music?

May 24, 2016

We believe great double-unders start with a great speed rope.  That's why we went to work creating high end jump ropes with components that can be customized.

Our custom jump ropes are super-fast, super-stylish, and they don't get lost in the crowd when you're in a group workout. You'll always know which jump rope is yours, and having your own jump rope will take your double-under skills to new heights.

Just click the image below to buy jump ropes online. We know you'll be a Double Under Wonder in no time!

Hey Double Under Wonders!

We're experimenting with the idea of putting out some gym workout songs.

This first installment will guide you through a Tabata workout.

If you're new to Tabatas, here's how it works...

Pick any exercise (Push-Ups, Squats, Double-Unders...etc)...Then perform as many reps as possible of that exercise throughout 8 rounds of :20 of of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. 

Record either your lowest round, or your total reps.  Repeat these workouts occasionally to monitor your progress.

If that sounds confusing, just push play, and go when it says go, and rest when it says rest until it's over (it's a 4 minute workout).

Oh, and you can download the best gym music by clicking the little arrow next to the share button.

Happy Tabata Time!

 If you need a great jump rope to complete these workouts with, you can design a custom speed rope below!