Our New Design (and why we love it)

Some of you may have noticed that we've changed the way our double under ropes are attached to our handles. Here are just a few reasons why we love the switch.

1.  Truly Custom.
We've done a TON of research to be able to cut our jump ropes to fit your height, so you'll get the perfect rope for your stature!  Just enter your height during the ordering process to get the perfect length.

If letting us cut your rope makes you nervous, simply choose "Adjustable" from the height menu, and we'll send you an adjustable rope to experiment with until you dial in the perfect length for yourself.

2.  Aesthetics.
Our old ropes looked great...Unless you're 5' 2" and you don't own a pair of wire cutters...Then you're ends go flying around threatening to slap innocent bystanders. Our new design keeps your rope ends nice and tidy.

3.  No More Rope Malfunctions!
Set screws naturally loosen over time.  Our new design replaces the set screw system with more reliable crimped-on metal sleeves. They'll keep your rope in one piece, and keep you from searching the gym floor for a screw while the workout continues without you.

4.  No More "Riding Up."
With the traditional set screw system, it was possible for the rope to shimmy it's way back through the hole in the handle...which makes your rope shorter mid-swing...which delivers that all too familiar whack in the shins. Our new design makes this shimmy impossible...and makes the slapping less likely...You're welcome :)

5.  Increased range of motion
Increased range of motion is always a good thing. Our new system is much more responsive. No matter what your handle decides to do, your rope will adapt, and stay in the proper position for another rotation.

We can't take all the sting out of learning double-unders....We can't keep people from peeing their pants occasionally...and we can't take out the vomit inducing cardio, but we HAVE made things a little easier, and a little prettier.  We hope you love the new design as much as we do.

Click the button below to design one of these new custom jump ropes!