5 (Mostly Fake) Gift Ideas For Your Gym Bestie :)

Christmas time is upon us, so we thought we'd put together a list of must-haves if you're searching for gift ideas for your gym friends.

1.  Vomit Bags

If your friend is one to push the WOD a little too hard, a little too often, why not just start planning ahead? They'll no longer have to worry about staggering out the garage door when they feel that post-workout nausea coming on. They'll have your handy, thoughtful gift waiting dutifully next to their barbell!

2.  Toilet Bars

Want your friend to think of you every time they go to the bathroom? Don't answer that...But hey...You could be the friend who loves them enough to make the 2-3 days after a high-rep squat workout a bit less painful.  Have a set of support bars installed next to their toilet!

Note:  High-rep ring-dip workouts may void the pain-relieving effect of support bars.

3.  A Bison

For that friend who just can't get enough Paleo. Why not let them hunt, skin, butcher, and cook their own prehistoric creature?  Imagine how surprised they'll be when they open the door to investigate the strange grunting and banging sound coming from their garage!

Note: Loincloth, spear, and fire-starting flint sold separately.

4.  Life Alert System

We've all had workouts that have rendered us physically useless for a couple of days.  What would happen if your friend took a tumble, and couldn't get to the kitchen to get in their macros for the day? A loss of gains, that's what. Give the gift that will help them safely reach their protein if they've "fallen and can't get up."

5.  (pitch alert) ANYTHING from Double Under Wonder :)

Oh gosh, did this just turn into an advertisement for a jump rope company?  You'd bet your squat booty it did.  If capturing a bison proves too difficult, we've got you covered.  Just click below to browse a bunch of fitness gift ideas your friend at the box will (actually) love. High fives!