5 Ways CrossFit Could Look Cooler...

Let's be honest.  One reason CrossFit workouts are so successful is that they just plain look cool. CrossFitters climb ropes, stand on their heads & do push-ups, flip tires, etc.

...Which got us thinking, what could make it look even cooler?

1.  Foam Weights...

Granted.  Most of the weights used in CrossFit are already the same diameter, which means whether you're using a 10 lb plate, or a 45 lb plate you're going to look like a total beast, but how cool would Rich Froning look if he snatched 315 lbs of foam?  Beyond cool, that's how he'd look. 

Bonus cool-points if he could somehow shape the foam to look like 2 Volkswagon Beetles welded to his barbell.

2.  Fire...

Jump ropes aren't the only thing we could light on fire.  Bumber plates, barbells, wall-balls...etc.  It could all be one flaming ball of awesomeness.  Maybe we could even train to be actual fire-breathers, and blow giant balls of flames out of our mouths at the top of a max dead-lift.  Who's with me?  No?  Fine.

3. Weights that fall apart at the perfect time...

Sure, we've all claimed to "destroy" workouts, or "crush" our PRs, but what if we could actually leave our barbell in a pile of wreckage at the end of a CrossFit workout and walk off like a boss?  That would be cool.

4.  Going into hiding after "Karen"...

This is more of a passive way to look cool.  If you've ever done 150 wall-balls for time, you know un-cool you look trying to use your legs for the next 3 days.  I think we'd all be better off finding a place to hide so we can maintain our super-fit-and-functional image.

5.  More Gymnastics...

Oh really?  You did a Clean & Jerk?  Did it have a back flip in it?  No? Yawn. You're missing out on Instagram glory if you're not throwing in some extra moves.  Let's step up our game, shall we? We're trying to look cool over here :)

With a little effort, I'm sure we can look even cooler while doing CrossFit.

Just don't try any of this stuff, and break your neck, or set yourself on fire.  That would be REALLY uncool. 

Definitely don't break your neck WHILE setting yourself on fire.  That would be even more un-cool.

- - -

 P.S.  These jump ropes don't just look cool,  they'll also help you nail your double-unders...Which I guess will also make you look cool, so it's a win-win :)

Click below to design a super cool jump rope!



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