5 Ways to Wear This Tank Top...

Our new Tank-Top is perfect for so many situations.  Here are the first 5 we could think of...

1.  Wear it when you'd much rather be curled up on your couch with a warm cup of freshly brewed deliciousness (obviously).

2.  Wear it when you're stuck somewhere with a substandard coffee situation.  Let this tank be a silent protest against that nasty drip coffee left warming indefinitely in the break room.

3.  Wear it when your coach programs some sort of barbell-lacking stupidity, and you really would "rather be working on your push-press."

4.  Wear it as a conversation starter, so you can explain it, and in doing so, talk about CrossFit more often. (as if you needed a reason to talk about CrossFit)

5. Wear it around your head like long purple hair while you sing Cher songs and wait for the shower to warm up.

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