5 (weird) Things To Celebrate At the Box

Sometimes when we're surrounded by WOD smashing super humans it's hard to look at our performances as something that should be celebrated.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Whatever level you're at, the things you're doing at the box are incredible.

If you haven't PR'd in a while, or your not someone who's familiar with the top of the whiteboard, here are a few things that are totally worth celebrating...even though they're kind of weird...

1. The first time you look ridiculous.

Weird right?  Why would we celebrate this? 

It's good to celebrate this moment because it marks the first time you're willing to work on your fitness at the cost of your image. 

The first time you finish your workout after your leggings rip, your hat/headband flies off, or you forgot to pack matching clothes in your gym bag, the closer you are to giving up the perfectly posed Instagram selfies, and pursuing what really matters... 

Your health.

Good job.

2.  The first time you strategize.

When you first start working out at high intensity, you'll mostly be worried about doing the movements with good form, following the rep scheme properly, and surviving.

At some point though, you'll think to yourself..."Hmmm...what if I chose the pull-up station next to the door, set my plyo-box up as close as possible, and jogged to the rower each round to minimize transition time?"

Congratulations...You're strategizing, and it means you've made the switch between "working out" and playing the game. 

Whether you're strategizing to compete with other members, or you're just looking to set a PR, you're choosing to strive at a whole new level, and you should definitely be giving yourself a high five.

3.  The first time you do something embarrassing.

At high intensity, weird and surprising things happen to your body that you're not expecting. 

You'll breath so heavy that your gum flies out of your mouth and bounces across the gym floor. You'll yell louder than you meant to yell as you strain at the top of a front squat (right when a song ends and it's eerily silent). You'll do any number of other things that I'm too polite to mention in mixed company.

The point is this, when these things happen it means you're giving 100% and it's worth celebrating peak effort.

4.  Annoying your first person.

When you start living the functional fitness lifestyle, you'll get in the best shape of your life incredibly fast. 

You'll be so excited that the urge to talk about CrossFit, Paleo, or Olympic weightlifting will be too much to resist, and you'll likely word-vomit all over some unsuspecting victim who has absolutely no desire to hear your fitness life-story.


You're officially drinking the Kool-Aid, and you're one of us now :)

5.  Being bummed about a rest day.

When you first start hitting WODs on a regular basis you'll be DYING for a rest day, but at some point you'll be totally bummed about sitting out. 

You'll start saying all sorts of stupid stuff like..."awwwwe I wanted to do that one so bad, I LOVE wall-balls!"

Nobody loves wall-balls. 

You've just officially caught the bug, and if you're not incredibly grateful for a rest day, you're likely in KILLER shape compared to the other 99% of the world.


Let's celebrate, people!

We're so lucky to be able to get together, live healthy lives, and play a game with each other for an hour or so every day.  If you're walking through the doors and working hard you should be celebrating your efforts.

High fives, and side-hugs for everybody!

- - -

P.S. If paleo won't let you celebrate with booze or cake, you can always design a custom speed rope!  Click below to design yours now!

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