5 WODS Every Mom Has Done :)

If you are mom, like me you may not have made it to the gym today. You may have found yourself running, but it was probably out of time rather than around the block. But, I can guarantee that you did a lot of other important stuff. 
When I have those days where I have to skip a workout, I like to play a game in my head where I make up pretend CrossFit workouts for all the other important stuff I did. Then I feel a little better about not hitting the box...
WOD #1:  The Push Press
  3 rounds for time 
  Load coffee into french press
  Rest for 3 minutes while water boils
  Load water into press
  Rest for 3 minutes while coffee steeps
  Press, pour, and drink
  Tell your kids to stop arguing every minute on the minute.
WOD #3: Clean and Jerk-1 RM
  Spend lots of time cleaning the floors.
  Yell at any jerks who walk in with muddy shoes.
WOD #4: Shuttle Run
  16 hour AMRAP
  Shuttle kids to activities & run errands from morning 'til night.
WOD #5: Military Press   
  Threaten to send your kids to military school if they don't obey!
  You should definitely plan to go Beast Mode on this one.
Okay, maybe it is kind of a stretch to consider these things a workout, but doing what you do every day is definitely not easy.  These are workouts that will test any mom's moxie. Actually, come to think of it, why don't you get dressed and go to the gym today.  You deserve the break :)
- - -
P.S. "Double Under Wonder" might be the way I describe myself when I finally getting around to cleaning out under my kids' double beds, but it is also a pretty fabulous jump rope.  Get yourself one today. You can use it at the gym or to hog tie those kids while you take a nap.



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