8% Totally Crush Their New Year's Resolutions!

8% totally crush their New Year’s fitness resolution! Doesn't that sound a whole lot better than the doom and gloom you've heard over the years?

92% of resolutions fail...80% fail...Whatever percent fail...

However you slice it, sticking to a New Years fitness resolution is tough.

But let's not forget that 8% (even if the worst estimates are true) totally crush their goals for the New Year!

If you ask me, that's pretty freakin' awesome!

Could you imagine those odds on something like winning the Powerball jackpot?  I doubt the same pessimists who caution against New Year's resolutions would say..."Yeah, well, 92% of people who play Powerball, don't win the jackpot, so I'm just gonna hold on to this dollar."

Heck no!  People would play the lottery every week, and if they didn't win, they'd play again.  Sure, you'd risk a few bucks, but you'd win a few million dollars 4-5 times per year with those 8% odds.

Unfortunately, the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292 million, but you get the point.  8% odds are pretty stinking awesome.

The reality is this: You have unlimited chances to double down on your resolve, and give your goals another shot whenever you want (including January).

If your goal was to find new ways to keep fit and workout 5 days per week, but you failed by January 5th...try again.

If you start The Whole30 clean eating plan, and you fall off the wagon on day 29...try again. 

If you vow to work on your double unders 3 times per week, but you don't own a jump rope?  Well, then buy a jump rope...and then try again. (see what we did there? #sorrynotsorry)

You have an 8% chance to make MASSIVE improvements in your life every time you risk the decision to try.  I think that's incredible.

So next time someone rolls their eyes at your New Year's resolution, remember that they have a 0% chance at achieving a goal this January, and then lean into your resolution even harder.

8% will achieve their New Year's Resolution this year.  One of those 8% might as well be you.

- - -

P.S.  Speaking of great odds.  There is a 100% chance you can buy a super-fun jump rope at the link below :)

Have a great day!