10 Ways WODs are Like Cigarettes...

I'm in the middle of completing "The Whole 30."  It's a clean eating program that I highly recommend.

However, as I was standing outside next to a dumpster eating a can of tuna in a snow storm (to avoid stinking up our office), I realized that I was behaving very much like the smokers in our building.

As I was "getting my fix," I drew a few more parallels between the functional fitness lifestyle, and the lifestyle of a smoker.

Here are just a few similarities between cigarettes, and WODs...

1.  Upon first exposure, both can make you light-headed, and nauseous.

2.  Whether it's from sweat, or smoke, they both make people smell bad.

3.  Metabolic conditioning & emphysema...Both make it really hard to breath at times.

4.  Many people start the habit because of peer pressure.

5.  Both occasionally give you an intense desire to quit, but you keep going back again, and again.

6.  They both typically come from a box.

7.  Both cigarettes, and WODs leave you feeling satisfied after you've finished them.

8.  Both habits usually come with a free trial.

9.  Both addictions can be indulged alone, but are generally more enjoyable in a group setting.

10.  You build up a tolerance for both over time, and begin craving them more, and more.

So there you have it...10 ways WODs are like cigarettes. 

Sure...indulging in one of these options (cigarettes) will slowly decrease your quality of life, and eventually kill you.  Sure...partaking in the other will help you achieve your genetic potential, and reach your fitness goals faster than anything else.  Even so, they do have quite a bit in common.

The chief similarity is of course that they are both highly addictive.

This is good news considering how hard it is to stick to resolutions. You might as well give your willpower a boost by trying out a fitness program that has addiction built right into it...right?

If you already have a WOD addiction...Great!  My work here is done...Continue to get your friends "hooked."

For everyone else...c'mon...just try it once...everyone else is doing it :)

- - -

P.S.  Some WODs require you to have a jump rope...If these super-fun custom ropes don't make you want to get started, I don't know what will...



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