5 Reasons Paleo Didn't (or won't) Work For You.

We're huge fans of proper nutrition and clean eating.  Here are a few Paleo diet tips.  read below to see why you can still see lackluster results despite having a fairly healthy diet.

1.  You still eat TONS of sugar.

"Giving up sugar" is great and all, but you may still be sucking down enough carbs throughout the day to fuel an entire team of marathon runners.  If you're tossing back an apple, chasing it with a banana, and topping it off with a mango, you're not going to see a whole lot of results in the way of weight loss, or performance. 

Make sure you're balancing your carbs out with healthy fats, and protein (google "paleo zone diet" for more on this). Try to get most of your carbs from VEGETABLES instead of always reaching for a piece of fruit.

2. You've never counted calories.

Don't get me wrong. Turning your life into a math equation is never fun, but it would do everyone some good to track their caloric intake for a time. 

Download the Lose It app, which is available in the iTunes store.  You may not have to do it forever, but do it long enough to know whether you're eating too many (or too few) calories.

3.  You follow the letter of the law, but abuse the spirit of it.

Ok now let's see....I can have almonds...honey...raw cocoa...and coconut oil...this means I can eat a dozen paleo no-bake chocolate almond cookies! (Which are delicious by the way). 

Eating paleo is a great way to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, but don't pretend to be some sort of health nut while you're eating a pound of honey and fat every day.

In short, don't try to "eat a clean diet" by transforming your clean ingredients into a smorgasbord of culinary debauchery.

4.  You "only cheat a little bit."

Diet's are a bit like spouses.  Even cheating on them "a little bit" will have drastic consequences. 

I see this all the time at our gym.  People "sorta" do paleo, and then report back that it only "sorta" worked.  If you're not seeing a ton of results, take a closer look at what you're doing, and see how you might reign in all your little cheats.

As Saint Augustine said:  "Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation."

Cheating a little bit is a slippery slope, and can lead to cheating a lot.  Do yourself a favor.  Be faithful to the plan, and it will be faithful to you.

5.  You don't plan ahead!

If you don't want us to find you in the gutter languishing in the final morsels of a leftover birthday cake, you need to plan ahead. 

I might be (slightly) exaggerating here, but you really are tempting fate if you don't surround yourself with healthy paleo snacks. 

Without an alternative, you'll be doing a swan dive off the paleo wagon into the box of cookies in the break room at your office. 

We make terrible decisions when we're hangry (a mixture of hungry and angry).  Stay on the paleo wagon by buying LOTS of groceries...Stash food everywhere...plan...plan...plan...over-plan...then plan a little bit more!

So there you have it...5 Reasons Paleo didn't (or won't) work for you.  The moral of the story is to go all in with it...Work hard at it...Do your very best...You know...kind of like you do with exercise.

Speaking of exercise...You can exercise with one of these!  Click below to design your own custom speed rope!  It might make you feel better since you can't eat donuts :)