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March 30, 2016

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It amazes me that I can obsess about things like my Fran time, or nailing my handstand push-ups while also doing things like calling my kids into the room to turn on the light switch so I can remain in my recliner with my lap-top.

"Can you turn that light on?" I'll say. "I can't see my keyboard, and I'm trying to write a blog post about achieving your genetic potential through nutrition, and exercise.  If I get up, I'll have to set my computer down, and I could spill my jar of Nutella..."

The truth is, our lives are full of every day opportunities to use our fitness.  It's just that we ignore these moments, or that the timing is wrong.

Today for example, I was taking my daughter to violin practice when I saw a young couple who's car had broken down in the middle of traffic.

At first this seemed like a great way to put my fitness to good use, but by the time I parked our car, and got close enough to help push their vehicle, they had already caught some momentum, and ascended a short incline to make it to the frontage road.

If I'm honest, I was feeling two emotions at this point.  I felt relief that this young couple had made it to safety, but also disappointment that I didn't become some sort of CrossFit super-hero when the opportunity presented itself.

It later occurred to me that society could save a ton of money on manual labor, fuel, and expensive machines if they could just get better at scheduling.

What if all the people who had a sucky job to do got together to divvy up all the manual labor in your local area?  They could program those tasks like WODs, and It would be a win-win situation.

CrossFitters would continue to grow their work capacity across broad time and modal domains, and all the hard working people around town would be able to take a coffee break whenever a gullible CrossFitter showed up to dig a ditch for free, or hand deliver 30 pizzas for time.

It could look something like this...


Carry 1 Hide-A-Bed couch to a second floor apartment for American Furniture Warehouse.


Help with your neighbor's remodel project by holding a piece of drywall overhead for what seems like an eternity as he continually fails to secure it to the ceiling.


1 hour AMPAP (as many parcels as possible) run door to door to deliver as much mail as possible for the postal service.


Farmer's Walk - Seriously...Carry these buckets over there to feed old man Wilson's hogs...and be snappy about it.


Do walking lunges up and down the bleachers at a sporting event and sell hot-dogs to fans.


1.5 mile BMX Bike Ride...Complete Johnny's paper route as quickly as possible. 

- 10 burpees every time your newspaper throw misses the porch. get the point.

The world is a playground of physical tasks, and there are millions of people who would love to trick millions of CrossFitters into doing their dirty work for them.

You may scoff, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some of this sort of thing at the games this year. 

Dave Castro...If you're reading this, I need a few tons of rock wheelbarrowed into my back yard.  It would be a great test of fitness to see how fast some games athletes could do it...Just sayin'.

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Ian Sturgeon
Ian Sturgeon