5 Ways to Optimize CrossFit

Whether you're brand new to CrossFit, or a seasoned veteran, here are 5 ways you can up your WOD CrossFit workouts...

1.  Become HYPER-functional...

Ok, so you've gone down the road of practicing functional movement, and you are now prepared for 99% of the situations life can throw at you...but what about that remaining 1%?

What if you develop a psychological condition that makes you think your hands are feet, and your feet are hands? How will you brush your teeth? How will you carry in your groceries from the car?

You prepare for it, that's how. 

If you're not getting some practice hand-stand walking up and down stairs with 2 medicine balls wedged between your legs, you might as well be doing arm curls in front of a mirror.

What if you were abducted by a gang of rollerbladers, and handcuffed to a bike rack?  could you ride a BMX for help with no hands and 300lbs balanced on your back?  Could you do it in the Speedo they forced you to wear?  You'll never know unless you get in some reps.

2.  Go Paleo...For Real.

We've all heard scientific research that suggests that the modern diet isn't nearly as healthy as that of our Paleo ancestors, but can we be sure the health benefits are limited to their diet, and not their over-all lifestyle?

I wouldn't chance it.  If you REALLY want to go Paleo, you'd better start acting like it.

If you're indulging in things like electricity, deodorant, running water, clothing made from anything other than the pelts of animals you've killed, etc...You need to re-think your dedication to your health and get serious.

Sure, you may lose your job when you show up in nothing but a loincloth and smelling like roadkill, but you'll have the pleasure of knowing that you did everything in your power to fight back against the sickness our modern lifestyle fosters.

3.  Practice Flying...

Ok, this may sound a little crazy, but WOD CrossFit workouts are continually challenging the limitations of the human body. It's common knowledge that the workouts currently being programmed at the CrossFit games would have been impossible for most (if not all) of the athletes at the original games.

Is it so far fetched to think that someday we might be able to fly?  I mean not like birds or anything, I'm not an idiot, but for just a little while, maybe 200 meters or so.

It could happen, and you could be the first one to do it.  Scoff if you want, but you're going to feel pretty silly when flying gets programmed in an AMRAP at your Box. Especially if you are new to CrossFit.

4.  Highly Focused Mini-WODs...

Are you someone who could benefit from adding additional WOD CrossFit workouts?

With our busy schedules, it can be hard to fit in more volume, so why not get in some sort of mini-WOD that incorporates as many general physical skills as possible (Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy.)

Maybe something like this...

2 min AMRAP

As many revolutions of hopscotch as possible while holding your breath, and carrying your 1 rep dead-lift max.

Or this one...

90 sec AMRAP

As many 5 meter balance beam sprints as possible while holding 155lbs overhead, and dodging a barrage of medicine balls.

These super efficient Mini-WODs can be added in without the dreaded 1hr time commitment.

5.  Omega 3s!

You may not know this, but the American diet is EXTREMELY deficient in Omega 3s, and  eating fish is a great way to get them in. Here are some of the best choices...

Wild Alaskan salmon




Black cod

We recommend stashing fresh fish everywhere...At home, your desk, your glove compartment, your gym bag...etc.

You'll know when you're getting enough fish 'cause people will start exclaiming things like..."Holy Mackerel!" ...and..."I think I'm going to be sick!" when you walk into a room.  This is a great time to thank them for noticing your newfound health benefits, and talk to them about just how sick they'll be if they don't get enough Omega 3s!

So there you have it...Some simple ways to optimize your lifestyle.

However, this type of optimization isn't for everyone, so if you're totally fine with just being more fit than 99.9% of the American public, looking awesome, and being surrounded by some sort of amazing can probably just stay where you're at :)



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