Lightning, Glaciers, and CrossFit...

As I was 3 rounds into getting my butt kicked at my local CrossFit box yesterday, I thought to myself...Wow!....This is Awesome!

Here's why...

In our small Colorado town, I was the first annoyingly passionate CrossFitter who talked about nothing else to anyone who would listen, and that passion led me to start a gym.

So now, it’s awesome to see so many people in our town who have completely transformed themselves into fire-breathing WOD-smashing machines who consistently destroy me in workouts.

However, when you see how big our gym is, and how many people come, it's easy to forget our humble beginnings.

Since late 2010, here is a rough snapshot of our growth...

2010  An injured distance runner, and an out of shape rugby player do WODs at the traditional gym.  Poor form, newfound levels of misery, and weird looks from gym rats abound.

2011  3-5 people get together at the park to do box jumps on benches, and pull-ups on jungle gyms...We also have a wall-ball at this you know...we're pretty legit.

2011 (part 2)  We start borrowing space at a karate gym, and an MMA studio.  We also haul equipment to the high school once per week to torture track athletes...We're sort of like one of those food trucks you see around town...only we serve pain.

2012  We finally have a home!  We lease our very own space with more room than we'll ever need.

2013  Things get crowded, so we lease a larger space...more room than we'll ever need.

2013 (part 2)... I sell the gym to 2 awesome people who actually know how to run a business.  Things get crowded again, and they lease our current 3000 sq ft. space...More room than we'll ever need. gets crowded in here sometimes :)

My point is this...If you would have asked me how things were going at the gym at any point along the way, I probably would have been disappointed at the pace we were adding new members.

If you're like me, you want things to move as fast as lightning, and when results aren't immediate, we tend to get discouraged.

Wanting "lightning fast" results led me to think about how things move in nature.  What moves fast? Lightning.  What moves slow?  Glaciers.

Lightning, and glaciers are both powerful, and they're both beautiful.

Lightning is less predictable. It's more dangerous, and causes more problems. Lightning can be a disaster.

Glaciers move slowly, they are unrelenting, they are unstoppable. They change the landscape forever. They carve through rock, and they are constantly moving toward the same destination.

After we've been a part of a CrossFit gym for a while, sometimes we start to see results in the slow, methodical, but no less powerful pace of a glacier.

In the same way our gym grew without anyone really noticing, slow, but powerful growth is available in many different areas of our lives whether it's finances, relationships, or fitness.

If you've been struggling with stubborn movements, or stagnant WOD times, just know that you'll look back and smile in a few years when you see how far you've come (even if it was at a glacier's pace).

You'll get there.  Just keep moving forward :)

- - -

P.S.  As much as we think glaciers are awesome, they don't look as cool on wrist wraps as lightning bolts!

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