A Shout-Out to CrossFit Moms...

The following guest post was written by my friend, (and customer) Amanda Kolman.  It's such a great snapshot of what it takes to stay fit as a busy Mom.

I hope you're encouraged by it :)

- - -

This is a shout out to the CrossFit moms who work out at home, because the idea of hauling your small children to the gym to do the “Mission Impossible WOD” just seemed like its own mission impossible.

A shout out to the moms who run up and down their block for a mile, while shouting at their children as they pass to mow in straight lines and to get back in the house and do the chores they are supposed to do.

A shout out to the moms who field endless questions while they do sit-ups and push-ups and burpees, answering between great gasping breaths.

A shout out to moms who work out to the soothing sounds of the vacuum and the whip/splat of the jump rope on wood floors , instead of pumping music. (An extra shout out to moms who make their kids vacuum!)

This is a shout out to the CrossFit moms who look at the clock with time almost up and say to themselves, "Let's add 5 more minutes," even when no one is there to cheer them on.

Tomorrow,  I will, once again, haul myself to the gym. I need it to keep me going, to keep me accountable, and I'm thankful it's there. But going there has also taught me that fitness is a commitment I make to myself, whether I can get there or not.  And it's taught me the skills I need to get a good workout at home when I need to.

A shout out to the gym I love.  See you tomorrow, folks.

- - -

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