CrossFit: A Practice of Hope

July 12, 2016

CrossFit is strange to me.  It hurts so bad.  It reminds me of my weaknesses daily.  It occasionally makes me walk, sit, stand, moan, and groan like someone in their 90s.  I'm afraid of it.  I frequently curse it...but I go.

I go, and I love it.  Therein lies the confusion.  There are plenty of other things that are uncomfortable, and also good for me that I don't get nearly as much enjoyment out of.  Having my wisdom teeth pulled for example.

However, every once in a while, I figure out a little piece of why I love CrossFit.  Today I realized that part of the reason I love it so much, is that it helps me practice having hope.

When you walk through the doors, and set up your barbell, it's an act of optimism.  It's believing that you could win, or that you could set a PR, or that you'll have more years to spend with your grandchildren.  It's striving to qualify for regionals, or to finally stick with double-unders, or run a whole mile without stopping...

Without hope, we wouldn't be able to do CrossFit, and by simply showing up, I believe we place ourselves in the same hopeful mindset that will allow us to risk the pursuit of good/hard things in other areas of our lives as well.

Going to CrossFit shows us that what feels impossible can be possible, that the overwhelming can be overcome, and that seemingly never-ending struggles will come to an end.

Showing up at the box, and hurling our bodies into action takes us off the sidelines.  We metaphorically throw our hats into the ring.  We step onto the field, and ask..."hey...can I play?"  We accept, and engage with the truth...

That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse."

-Walt Whitman 


Let's all leverage the optimism we learn at the box to help us take risks, work hard, and contribute a wonderful verse.


- - -




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