When Life Has You Down, Try Ring Dips!

3:46 pm (Pre-WOD)

Oh man...guys, I’m not feeling today’s workout at all.   And if I’m honest, I’m not feeling life in general today.

I can’t think of anything to write, my ideas are all trash, and I just ate way too much post-birthday ice cream during a lunch break that was way too long.

I’m discouraged, annoyed at my stupid un-creative brain, and disappointed in myself for not being more productive.

This sucks.

On the other hand.  CrossFit is about to start.   I’m literally typing this blog post into my phone right now, and waiting for the trainer to show up.


Because I know I’ll quickly lose track of this overwhelmingly horrible feeling a few moments after I hear the trainer say "go."

I almost don’t believe it. It doesn't seem possible to fix my mood.  Everything in me says, "Skip it!  You have things to do!"  Yet time and time again, CrossFit has lifted my disposition out of the gutter.  I expect this time to be no different. 

So, I wait. (for ring-dips no less)   #worstmovementever

Ugh...Touching doorknob in 3, 2, 1...

4:49 pm (post-WOD)

Typing is hard.  While my fine motor skills have not returned, my zeal for life has.

In less than an hour I've had a few laughs with friends, conquered a WOD I felt incapable of finishing, and dumped a bucket of endorphins on my brain.

I'm better now.

CrossFit isn't everything.  It won't cure all our problems, or make bad things stop happening, but it's amazingly effective in the fight against discouragement.

You are powerful, gifted, and capable of so much in this life.  Exercise is a great way to remind yourself of that.

A trip to the gym will help you step out of the quagmire of life to do battle with your doubts, see your strength in action, and return to the tasks at hand with renewed vigor, and confidence.

Don't take my word for it.  Ask this blog post that I never would have gotten done without a trip to the box this afternoon :)

If you're having a rough day, I hope you'll join me in walking through the door.

Have a WONDERFUL workout!

- - -

P.S.  Sometimes a trip to the gym isn't an option.  For those moments, there are custom speed ropes!  Click below to design a super-fun jump rope that is cut to fit your height, designed to fit your style, and always ready for a (mood-lifting) workout.

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