CrossFit & The Power of Shrugging

If you're reading this post expecting some tips for your power clean, please accept our sincere apologies.

We're talking about the shrugging that shows up when you're "OK" with something.  The type of body language that says..."This doesn't define me as a person." Or..."Today was just not my day."

Shrugging may be a powerful tool in terms of achieving a heavier Snatch, or a more efficient SDHP, but I believe it's just as powerful in terms of keeping you committed to your CrossFit-style workout plans and helping you stay on track.

Here's an example:

"I thought for sure I would P.R. Fran today, but **shrug** I guess I have more work to do..."

Contrast that attitude with this...

"I thought for sure I would P.R. Fran today!  What in the world!  UGH!!!  I've been working my butt off!  I'm so pissed ..."

You can see that the first scenario takes you down a much healthier path.  If you can shrug, you can defend yourself from the frustration of disappointment. If you shrug, you can stay optimistic during your CrossFit-style workout plans.  If you shrug you can continue to excitedly pursue new goals.

On the other hand.  The LACK of shrugging leads you into an unhealthy place.  A place where you evaluate yourself solely on your physical performance, a place where disappointment breads anger, and a place where you put unnecessary pressure on yourself to constantly improve at all costs.

A few months ago, I took a long break from CrossFit.  When I came back I knew I wouldn't be able to compete at the same level anymore, and that's when I discovered the power of the shrug.

Here are a few examples...

"I know I've lost some strength but **shrug** I'm going to go do my best and see where I land."

"I had to scale my handstand push ups again today, but **shrug** everyone has their weaknesses..."

"I got smoked by someone I never would have expected to pass me, but **shrug** I can handle that...In fact I think it's awesome."


The good news is that all that shrugging didn't lead me to put in a substandard effort, it just kept me from becoming bitter and angry every time I had a rough workout.  I still worked hard, and I know I made it through the doors more often by taking things a little less seriously than my pre-shrug self.

Competition is such a fun and important part of CrossFit, but it can also eat you alive if you let it.

If you're new to CrossFit, I hope you're saying "Well, **shrug** you've got to start somewhere!"

'Cause even If you're Mat Fraser, or Katrin Davidsdottir you'll eventually have to say "Well, **shrug** I couldn't be the best forever!"

The point here is that there is more to life than being on top of the whiteboard.  You're more than that.  CrossFit is just one (awesome) part of who you are.

So if things didn't go right today **shrug** there's always tomorrow!

See you at the box!

- - -

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