Gamifying CrossFit

Whether you're competing against yourself in some sort of sick, twisted game of fitness solitaire, or you're the type of person who lays it all out there every day in hopes of topping the whiteboard, CrossFit is a game.  Heck, even at it's most elite level, it's called "The CrossFit Games."

However, I think it could be even more gamified, and the following ideas are meant to get that conversation started.

Here are 5 concepts I'd love to see incorporated.

#1  Leveling the playing field

When I was in college, I used to play a foosball based drinking game with a friend of mine.  When he scored a point, he had to drink, and when I scored a point, I had to drink.  This way he would become more and more impaired if he was winning, and I would be able to catch up as his abilities were diminished.

This was a really cool idea until I realized that my friend was better than I was at foosball even when he was completely hammered.  This loophole allowed him to drink ALL the beer, AND completely destroy me in foosball.  However, I still maintain that the concept is sound.

What if we employed the same strategy with CrossFit workouts?  Anyone who tops the whiteboard has to do something like eat an entire birthday cake, or wear high heels during the next WOD.  

This would keep the usual suspects off the top of the whiteboard every day, allow other athletes a shot at the top slot, and make each WOD much more spectator friendly.

#2  Adding announcers.

What if every workout came with a play-by-play announcer or two?  That would be pretty cool.  Then we'd all know how far behind we were.  Plus, if the announcers were any good, they would throw in heart wrenching backstories about your gym buddies like they do in the Olympics. I think this simple change would result in a much tighter community.

Your box is two megaphones away from giving people a "games" type experience every time they walk through the door.

#3 Live Animals/Gladiators

I mean, what are the CrossFit Games other than a modern day version of the games held at the Coliseum in ancient Rome?  We may be using rep schemes and movement standards instead of swords, spears, and large carnivorous animals, but we're still trying to kill each other.

We might as well add in some violence like they did in the good ol' days.

This would allow for a wider range of winners.  Sure, maybe you have a 2 minute Fran time, but are you sneaky enough to do it without getting mauled by a Bengal Tiger?  Well, that is yet to be seen.

Also, the day is coming when there will be an absolute photo finish tie in the final event of the CrossFit Games.  At that point I think everyone wants to see some sort of epic battle between two super-humans.

#4  Paleo Workouts

Oh you do the paleo diet? That's cute.  Have you tried a paleo workout?  Here's a sample...

24 hour AMRAP

Hunt, kill, clean, and eat as many game animals as possible.

This is a great endurance WOD, but a little difficult to do if you're in a metropolitan area.  It could really create a lot of problems with your pet-owning neighbors, so be careful with this one.

#5 Style points

We may be biased here, but shouldn't you get some credit for creating your gym's coolest jump rope?  I mean, maybe you were the last to finish by over 5 minutes, but at least you didn't walk around with the jump rope equivalent of a one size fits all moo-moo.

Talk to your coach about this, but we think you should get extra credit for looking awesome.  :)

You will however need to design a rope to plead your case.  Click below to make that happen, and good luck!

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