Hanging On In CrossFit (And Life)...

I love a great comeback story. 

I love to hear about people who were destitute who became successful, companies that were doomed but found a way to turn things around, and miraculous pieces of luck that change seemingly hopeless situations.

The book I'm reading right now is called The Hard Thing About Hard Things.  It's by Ben Horowitz who went from having 6 weeks of available funds to operate his failing software company, to selling it for $1.6 BILLION.

Another comeback story that comes to mind is the FedEx founder Fred Smith who raised $91 million from investors, spent all of it, and then went to Vegas to bet his remaining $5k on Black Jack to raise enough money to fuel his jets for 1 more week. (He won.)

We've all faced situations like this in one way or another.  Sometimes we don't know if we can hang on another day, or even another second, but we do, and then FINALLY the tide turns.

If we never learn anything else from CrossFit, I think learning how to hang on when things get hard is one of the most valuable lessons we can take from it.

Sure, hanging on to your barbell to do Grace unbroken is a little different than hanging on to your last semester of college while you work full-time and raise 2 kids, but I believe the mental strength you gain from CrossFit can help in both circumstances.

If you're going through some hard stuff, let me encourage you to tap into those times you hung on to the workout way past what you thought was possible.

Believe that things will get better, that the challenges you face now will help you grow as a person, and that miserable workouts (and workdays) will eventually end.

The evidence is all around us.  Good things happen when we hang on.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

 - - -

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