How To Be a Super Kid...

My son turned 6 yesterday, but he wasn't just the birthday boy at school, he was also the "Super Kid."

In his kindergarten class they have a new Super Kid every day, and when you're the Super Kid, you have a certain amount of responsibilities, and privileges. 

You get to be creative by bringing something to show the class that starts with the letter of the day (my son brought an Orangutan).  You get to influence the people around you by choosing which games to play, and which activities to do (my son chose Heads Up 7 Up).  You get to be generous by sharing a snack with the rest of the class (my son brought cupcakes...normally not on the menu, but hey, it was his birthday.)

When he got home yesterday he took his Super Kid sticker off and stuck it to the back of my journal.  My first thought was..."Hey, don't stick a sticker on my journal!  I have to walk around with that, and it might damage the cover if I peel it off..."

After thinking about it a bit, I decided just to leave the sticker where it was. 

My journal is where I keep all my to-do lists and goals, which is probably the best possible place to have a Super Kid sticker.

As an adult we get the freedom to make our own decisions, so every day we wake up is a chance to be the Super Kid.

We get to be creative, and influence the people around us. We get to share things with people, and be generous.  We get to walk alongside the people in our lives, and exercise the responsibilities and privileges that have been given to us.

In essence, we have to be the Super Kid no matter what, and since we've been given this role, it sure would be nice if we all hit the workplace, gym, or home-front with the same beaming smile my son carries with him on his Super Kid day.

Whether you have a journal with an awesome sticker on it or not, I hope you'll join me in leaning into your Super Kid role. The world sure could use more of your creativity, influence, and generosity.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

- - -

P.S. Every Super Kid should have a super-sweet jump rope right?  Click below to design yours!