How to know you Work(out) at home...

If you work from home, you might relate to this super-fun guest post from one of our Double Under Wonder women.

Sometimes Lydia answers your customer service calls and replies to your emails.  Sometimes she writes hilarious blog posts...Enjoy!

How to Know You Work(out) at Home.

1) Your Monday morning dress code is determined by the weather app.

You check to see when the springtime temperature will be best, and wear your workout gear all day just waiting for that 20-minute slot outside where it’s not too cold.  If you miss it, it's a disaster.

2) You look more put together at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday than the rest of the week.

And you have to make a concerted effort to remember spandex and racer back tanks are notappropriate for business lunches.

3) Your neighbors don't think you work at all, or own any "regular" clothes.

 When people see you go get your mail at noon and you're always in what the untrained eye might perceive as pajamas (i.e. running tights and a tank), they start wondering how you afford your mortgage.

4) You have to answer a work call in the middle of a set of double unders, and try to hide your labored breathing.

[Pauses timer app, stops music – You're not working at a nightclub.] “Thanks for calling [pant] insert business name here [gasp]. How can I help you? [pant, pant while holding the phone away from face]….. Absolutely! We are…. breathless… serve you.”


5) Your productive morning transforms into an afternoon of slow-motion movement.

A midday kettle bell and jump rope workout makes getting up from your desk in the afternoon groan-worthy. 

Who put the water so far away(in your kitchen)?


Even if the result of a midday jump rope workout on your patio is a sore afternoon – you know it hurt so good, and you did something healthy!

We do recommend getting somemovement in during the day, whether you work at home or not. Be prepared by tossing an ultra-portable and customized jump rope into your work bag or purse.

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