In Defense of Resolutions

New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday.  I love everything about it.  Time with friends, fireworks, champagne, staying up late, toasting the new year...etc.

However, what I love MOST about this time of year are all the New Year’s fitness resolutions.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this world who scoff at others’ fitness and health goals. They've seen the waves of new members at the gym on January 1st who vanish by January 5th.  They've seen countless co-workers start diets, but succumb to birthday cake at the very next office party.  They've seen person after person fall short of their goals, and so they've given up hope on resolutions altogether.

Some of these people are polite enough to nod along and smile when you tell them about your fitness and health goals for the new year. Some of them are negative enough to be very vocal about their disbelief in you.  Either way, there are people out there who will not be rooting for you.

We are not those people.

We believe you have the power, and strength to change.  We believe you when you say you've had enough.  We believe you when you say you want more.  We trust you when you boldly declare that THIS TIME will be different! 

We have NOT given up on you.

We can't be there to cheer for you in person, but with every whir of your jump rope, I hope you'll hear us whisper our encouragement.  With every slap of your rope on the gym floor, I hope you'll hear us applauding your efforts, and with every stinging missed rep, I hope you'll be reminded of the respect we have for anyone willing to earn a few battle scars.

Whether you've decided on your New Year’s fitness resolutions already, or you decide to shoot for new fitness and health goals sometime down the road, there are two things that will always be true as long as our company exists:

1.  You can do it. 

2.  We believe in you.


Happy New Year!

- - -