Inconvenient vs. Actually Inconvenient

So, today I started thinking about how inconvenient it would be to start eating a clean diet.

Then I realized how ridiculous I was being, and made this list of things that are actually inconvenient...


Inconvenient:  Eating paleo in the year 2018

Actually inconvenient: Stalking a bison, killing it, butchering it, and cooking it over a campfire...naked.


Inconvenient:  Going to the grocery store.

Actually Inconvenient: Planting, weeding, and watering vegetables...then waiting for them to grow.


Inconvenient:  Cutting out alcohol.

Actually inconvenient: Hangovers.


Inconvenient:  Waiting for the potatoes in the Insta-pot to finish cooking.

Actually Inconvenient: The Potato Famine of 1845.


Inconvenient: Taking sugar out of your diet.

Actually inconvenient:  Type 2 Diabetes.


Inconvenient:  Avoiding fast food.

Actually Inconvenient:  Diarrhea.


This is obviously not an exhaustive list of things that are MUCH more inconvenient than simply going to the grocery store with a healthier list, and exercising a bit more willpower than a 5 year old with a bag of Halloween candy.

It is however enough real talk for me to stop whining, and lay off the cupcakes until Christmas dinner.  I hope you'll join me.

- - -

Oooh!  One last observation...


Inconvenient:  Designing, buying, and waiting for a new jump rope to be shipped to you.

Actually inconvenient: Using a menagerie of poorly sized loaner ropes to whip yourself like a rented mule :)

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