Wife vs. Husband on Paleo at Christmas

Note:  This blog post has been edited from it's original version to include my wife's reactions to each paragraph...enjoy.

So, I did something kind of crazy yesterday.

Wife:  Yeah you did.

I started the Paleo diet.  And not just any Paleo diet, the Whole 30.

Wife: The Whole frikin' 30?  Again?  Are you kidding me?

The Whole 30 is a 30 day clean eating plan, and I'm no mathematical wizard, but since yesterday was Dec. 3rd, something tells me Christmas dinner is going to land somewhere in those 30 challenging days.

Wife: Don't expect me to cook anything special for you.

So why would I do it?  Why deprive myself from the menagerie of holiday treats?  Why be the weirdo at Christmas dinner?  Why not start the Whole 30 AFTER the holidays?

Wife:  All great questions I have no answers for.

Well, because there's never a good time to start eating Paleo.  It's literally been inconvenient for thousands of years, and it will likely be super inconvenient for thousands more.

Wife:  Well, yeah, unless we stop doing it!

If you wait until after the holidays to start the Paleo diet, it will be a bad time because you were going to take that trip...or start that new job...or finish that massive bag of skittles someone put in your stocking.

Wife:  Well, at least I'll get the Skittles you don't eat...

What if you started Paleo now?  What's the upside? 

Wife: Absolutely nothing.

Well, I suppose you'd face the MOST challenging time of year to stay on track.  I suppose you'd be able to confront any emotional connections food has in your heart during a time that triggers many of our poor food choices.  I suppose you'd come out the other side of the holidays knowing that you are able to resist poor eating habits even in the face of a full-on frontal assault!

Wife:  Half of the Christmas experience is the food!

So I guess that's why I did it.  Sure, I'm going to be the weirdo, but I'm going to come out on the other side of this thing with boundless energy, a renewed enthusiasm for nutrition, and the confidence of knowing I can stay on track even through the toughest times.

Wife: Great!  Maybe you'll get the Christmas decorations down before spring with all that extra energy!

So, here's to challenges, and self control!

Wife:  More like stupidity, and poor timing.

I hope you'll join me in starting a clean eating plan now.  Not next Monday.  Not on January 1st.  If it's the right thing to do, it's the right thing to do now, right?  Why would we allow ourselves to damage our health any longer?  The next thing we eat could be the right thing to eat.

Wife:  Or we could make chocolate covered pretzels...Your favorite!

Let's do this!

Wife: Ugh (eye roll)

I promise we won't regret skipping that bag of Skittles.  We will however regret waiting for the "perfect time."  'Cause it's never a good time to start Paleo :)

Wife:  There may never be a perfect time, but there are definitely BETTER times to start Paleo.

- - -

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Wife:  You can have a rope and eat your skittles too you know!

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Wife:  Finally we agree on something.