It's Your Turn

Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors.  If you don't know who he is, just type "Seth" into Google, and he'll be the first result.

His newest book What To Do When It's Your Turn, And It's Always Your Turn already has me thinking through things...and I haven't even read it yet.

Mostly, I was just struck by part of the title.  It's "your turn."  Crazy, right?  We don't get another one.

My Grandfather died last week.  His turn was 95 years long, but it still ended.

Nothing will make you think about how you're spending your turn like attending a funeral.  Are you using your turn wisely?  Are you wasting your turn?  What will you DO with your turn?

Thinking about your turn will have you questioning all sorts of things, and one of the things I questioned was exercise.  What place (if any) does it have in our turns?

We only have a few short years on this planet.  How much time should we really be spending inside of a gym?

What will they say at your Eulogy?  Maybe something like...

"She had a killer 6-pack, and never skipped leg day.  Her arms were perfectly sculpted, and her work capacity was second to none.  She was also a very accurate wall-baller, and I'll always remember how efficiently she could string together muscle-ups..."

Of course you wouldn't say something like this at a funeral (even if it was true).  These statements would get left out because they aren't important in the big picture.

Here's what people WILL talk about at your funeral...  Friendships, funny stories, the love you had for others, the things you taught them, your generosity, the things you valued, the sacrifices you made..etc.

If we spend our time at the gym with a sole focus on things like 6-pack abs, our placing on the white-board, or setting PRs, I think we'll regret the time we spend there.

If we spend our time at the gym developing friendships, teaching people how to be healthy, encouraging others, and taking care of our health, I think we'll look back and be glad fitness was a part of our turns. (the PRs will just be a side effect)

Someday the clock will run out, and we'll all walk out the door for good.  When that happens, I know I'll be glad you were all part of my turn.

Have a WONDERFUL day!