Jump Rope Terms & Conditions

Thanks for visiting Double Under Wonder!

While our ropes are meant to be fun, functional, and safe, there are some things worth noting.

Here are a few warnings, best practices, and conditions to keep in mind while using our jump ropes.

1.  Ninjas

While rare, people have been known to be kicked in the face by ninjas while attempting to perform certain tricks during jump rope sessions.

These ninjas are not directly associated with Double Under Wonder, Inc. and are not acting on our behalf.

However, we don't advise trying to do back flips, front flips, or even flipping people off during jump rope sessions, as these actions tend to trigger the ninjas.


2.  Horses

While there is nothing inherently wrong with training your horse to jump rope, we ask that you avoid posting videos of your horse in action until he or she can at least do double unders.

Based on a horse's ability to jump, we see no reason to clutter everyone's instagram feed with a bunch of horses that haven't mastered their dubs. 

You might even hold off until they can land a few triples to avoid other horse owners claiming that your horse is "so basic."

3.  Riverdance

Combining this 1990's Irish dance craze with your jump rope is strictly prohibited for obvious reasons.


 4.  Katy Perry

While not a requirement, we strongly advise you to throw your perfectly good jump rope to a group of strangers after every performance just like Katy Perry. 

While there is no known benefit associated with this action, we estimate that it would boost our revenue by roughly 5,000% year over year on average, which would be pretty sweet.

5.  Jumping

While we encourage both beginners and advanced jumpers to use our ropes, it should be noted that you must have the ability to leave the ground for our ropes to function properly. 

We ask that you test your ability to do this BEFORE trying to join in on the jump rope fun.

6.  Bears.

Anyone in possession of 2 or more bears who have the ability to jump rope must surrender at least one of those bears at the time of purchase to become the official Double Under Wonder mascot.  Other animals will also be considered, but again, no horses who are still scaling their dubs to singles.

 7. Fire

Finally (and most importantly) our ropes should not be set on fire and used at wild beach parties unless our entire office has also been invited to the festivities in question. We strongly urge you to take this seriously. Invitations can be sent through our contact page.

If you find these terms and conditions to be satisfactory, you may agree, and proceed by clicking "shop now" below.