I Live on a Freaking Caribbean Island

Indulge me with an analogy for a moment as I compare life to an island....

I find that when I start obsessing about something, I start cramming lots of new stuff on to my already crowded island. If I decide to hit the gym twice per day...time with my kids falls off the island. If I decide to skip lunch, and work nutrition falls off the island. If I decide to take a week-long opportunities fall off the island.

Sometimes additions to the island are good. Sometimes additions to the island are a total disaster, but whether something belongs, or doesn't belong isn't really the point.

Here is the point...

As I'm busily running around trying to add stuff to my island, and bumping things off, and pulling them back up out of the water, sometimes I forget that...I LIVE ON A FREAKING CARIBBEAN ISLAND!!!

(figuratively speaking of course)

If I look around my island, I have some really awesome things on it. I have a family who cares about me, a business I love, a healthy body, a great church, a community to be involved in...etc.

Sure, just like everyone's island, there are some hard things wandering around on it, but all in all...

This island is awesome!

Unfortunately, I don't always see it that way. I think, "Dang, it sure would have been nice to have that P.R. on the island."...or..."Man, we sure could spruce up the island with some more income..."

If you can relate, I hope you'll join me in taking frequent breaks from anxiously pacing the shore, and scanning the horizon.  I think most of us could use to let a few boatloads of new additions pass by the island.

PR's are great. Success is great, but you know what else is great?

You guessed it. Your island :)

Have a wonderfully restful day!