Point/Counter Point - With Me, Myself and I

Do you ever argue with yourself about fitness?  I do. Here are some of the conversations that happen inside my head before and during workouts on a variety of subjects...


Me:  Heck Yes!!!  Let's Make this workout as INTENSE as possible!  Pain is just weakness leaving the body.  Second place is the first loser!  WIN!...WIN...WIN!  Don't stop 'til you puke...I mean 'til you're done.  A little Rhabdo never (OK rarely) killed anyone!  PUSH IT!!!

Myself:  Dude, chill. Are you ever going to make it to The Games?  No?  Then what's the point of all this intensity?  Let's just go through the motions.  It's not like Rich Froning is going to live to be 173 years old because he's so much more fit than us.  Besides, we're in better shape than 90 percent of Americans just by walking through the door, and drinking a Fit Aid.

I:  You guys are idiots.  It's all about RELATIVE intensity.  Find a place where things get hard, but you still have great mechanics...That's the sweet spot!

Me:  Who needs good form when we can WIN!

Myself:  When do we ever win?

I:  Good point.


Me:  21-15-9 Thrusters/Pull-Ups...Let's do this!  Push every set to failure...Do not let go of the bar unless you physically fail, or black-out!  You are GOING to P.R. today because you're going to push this workout harder than you've ever pushed it before.  You've got this!

Myself:  Are you freaking kidding, Me?  Do you remember the last time we did Fran?  Do you remember the 3 days of Fran cough?  Do you remember how awkward class got last time when you slobbered and cried for 15 minutes while staring at your forearms?  Now you're suggesting that we actually push it HARDER?  There may be something wrong with you.

I:  ...Totally with Myself on this one.  Let's take an active rest day and mow the lawn...Shut up that it's almost December.  It's been unusually warm this year.

Warming Up

Me:  Let's get there nice and early, get a good warm up in, roll out some soreness, do some mobility, and do plenty of drills to get our form on point before the workout!

Myself:  Can't we just sit in the car and check our Facebook until the warm-up starts, and then immediately sneak off to the bathroom so we don't get our heart rate up before the met-con?

I:  You guys are going to the gym today?  I was gonna skip since my back hurts, and now I need to take care of Myself.


Did you seriously just eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then wash it down with a glass of milk?  We are DEFINITELY going to get type 2 diabetes now.  I mean come on, grains, sugar, legumes, AND dairy?  Could you have eaten anything worse?

Myself:  Maybe we could have washed it down with some eggnog?  Whiskey?  Ohhh, maybe eggnog MIXED with whiskey!

I:  Seriously, listen to Me.  Nutrition is REALLY important.  Besides, it's not like we can't eat Nutella anymore...Wait, WHAT?!?!  We can't?  Cuuurse youuuu Paleooooo!...


Me, Myself, and I:  These are so Stupid.


Me, Myself, and I:  Isn't this workout awesome!?!?

Everyone else:  These are so stupid.

- - -

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Me, Myself, and I:  Good Idea!




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