The Opposite of CrossFit


I love CrossFit.

However, it occurred to me today that I spend most of my time doing the exact opposite of CrossFit.

Here are a few examples...

At CrossFit:  "I might use the 30 inch plyo box today since it's a short WOD, and I really want to push myself."

At Home:  "Can you hand me my jar of Nutella?  I can't reach it from the couch without coming out from under my blanket..."

At CrossFit:  "I know I'm dripping blood from both hands, but I REALLY want to finish Murph as RX'd!"

At Home:  "Can you do the dishes?  I have a paper-cut, and I REALLY don't want to get germs in it."

At CrossFit:  "I set a new back squat PR today even though I'm SUPER sore!"

At home:  "Can you help me bring in the groceries, I'm SUPER sore."

At CrossFit:  "Hi, new person, how are you?  Welcome to CrossFit!"

In Public:  "Stranger alert...Don't make eye contact...pretend to do something important on your phone."

At CrossFit:  "I really need to go through the whole30 again to get my nutrition back on track."

At Home:  "I really need to buy some more Donettes while they're still on sale."

At CrossFit:  "Let's talk about how awesome CrossFit is!"

At home/work/church/parties/facebook/instagram/etc:  "Let's talk about how awesome CrossFit is!"

Ok...Some things are the same.

Anywho...I've decided to make the rest of my life a bit more CrossFitty.  I've promised to be more active outside the box when I can, to make some better nutrition choices, and to engage with the world around me a bit more.

What good is all this fitness if we aren't enjoying it, right?

Have a wonderfully active day!

 - - -

P.S.  It's hard to eat Nutella while you're practicing your double-unders.  Click below to get an extra rope for your home or office!  You can even design one from your couch without disturbing your blanket :)



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