This Isn't CrossFit...

So, today I sat down with a bit of writer's block.  To get the ball rolling, I typed the word "CrossFit" into a stock photography website as a way to induce creativity.

This picture was one of the top search results...

I mean...What in tarnation?

Here are the first 5 things we see wrong with this wildly inaccurate picture...

1.  Let's get the obvious out of the way.  You-do-you and all, but at my CrossFit box the guys wear 99% less spandex. 

Showing up in your boxer briefs won't adversely affect your performance, of course, but we thought we'd mention that this type of rampant stretchy apparel on men is not common at CrossFit.

Guys, we hope we caught you before you stocked up on cycling shorts and capri-length yoga pants.

2. Trampoline jumps?

When has this ever happened at CrossFit?

As much as we've all been tempted to bring in a mini-trampoline when learning double unders, I'm pretty sure Dave Castro won't have anyone bouncing up and down on one of these beauties in the 2018 CrossFit Open.

You can go ahead and keep your fitness trampoline in storage next to your VHS tapes of Jane Fonda, and your leg warmers.

3.  Sand bag...thingies?

I'm not even sure what the guy in the light blue shirt is going for.  Is he trying to press that sandbag overhead?  Is he going to slam it on the ground?  Is he going to do that weird back and forth dance that MC Hammer used to do, only without any pants on?

In terms of explaining what is going on here...We can't touch this.

4.  We see the ball...Where is the wall?


We're unsure if the guy in yoga pants is trying to do Wall-Balls, but we ARE sure we've never seen wall-less wall-balls programmed at our box.  Not a bad idea if you're just looking to get your blood pumping, but if you're wanting to meet a standard, you'll want a target to hit there, Mr. Bro-tank. 

5.  Ummm... Where are the Barbells?

Ok, granted.  The angle of the camera may be obscuring an entire wall of Olympic lifting equipment, but based on what we've seen so far, these guys are much more likely to clean a pile of lycra on laundry day, than to clean a pile of bumper plates.

The absence of bars speaks volumes.

Anywho...Those are the first 5 things we saw wrong with this "CrossFit" picture.

The silver lining?

There are still a TON of people who are still pretty foggy on what CrossFit looks like. As sad as that is, it means we get to keep talking about it until everyone we know drops in to see it for themselves.

One thing is certain.  It won't look anything like the pandemonium you see in the stock photo above.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

- - -

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