Why Compete In The Open?


News alert!  We don't expect anyone at our local box to qualify for the CrossFit Games.

So why should we all do it anyway?

Well, lots of reasons, but we'll start with our top 3...

1.  You'll give your best performance.

You should do the Open for the same reason marathon runners compete in races to set world records.

You absolutely cannot test your peak performance in a vacuum.

While your Open workouts might look similar to any other WOD at the gym,  being in competition with the rest of the world will bring out your very best effort, and allow you to measure your current fitness level.

Plus, the CrossFit Open typically repeats a workout from previous Open competitions, so you'll be able to see if you're in better shape compared to a previous year, or set a benchmark for the future.

2.  You get to compete against the best in the world.

Could you sneak a fast-ball past Babe Ruth?  Return a serve from Serena Williams?  Hit a jump shot against Michael Jordan?  The world will never know.

However, you can know EXACTLY how close you came to catching 3 time CrossFit Games Champion Tia-Clair Toomey.

If for no other reason than to appreciate the mind-boggling work capacity of the pros, it's worth toeing the line and competing against the very best.

Besides, you'll get to tell all your friends that you're "trying to qualify for the CrossFit Games," ...which basically makes you sound like an Olympian :)

3.  You'll be more fit if you do it.

Doing the Open infuses your life with new excitement.  You'll train harder, eat better, and practice stubborn movements more often if you're actively competing.

When we compete in the Open, it's not just about trying to win.  It's about iron sharpening iron.  It's about making everyone the best they can be.  It's about banding together to seek out the heights of our physical abilities...

compete: verb from Latin competere to seek together

If you haven't signed up for the open yet, we hope you'll CLICK HERE and follow your nose to get your registration done. We'll all be better for it!

Happy Competing

- - -

P.S. Double unders have been in EVERY. SINGLE. OPEN.  If you need a new jump rope, the best time to order one was yesterday.  The second best time to order one is now :)

P.P.S. Just to be clear, we're not affiliated with CrossFit in any way.  We just think they're an awesome company that has done more for our nation's health than any other organization in recent history.