You Did This...

Did you know you did this?  Probably not.  But you did.

A few weeks ago you might have shared one of our posts on Facebook.  Your friend in a gym far, far away might have read it.  That friend of yours may have clicked around the site and purchased a jump rope.  They might have shown that jump rope to the owner of their gym, and that owner might have thought it was a perfect prize for her upcoming kids competition.

The point is this...

Our company exists because of awesome people like you.

Your shares on social media matter. Your orders matter.  The way you talk about our ropes to your friends matters.

You've given us the ability to give away hundreds of jump ropes to youth fitness programs across the country, and we want to turn that number into THOUSANDS by this time next year.

We're so grateful for you, and we just wanted to share some of the thank you letters we've received.  After all, they're addressed to Double Under Wonder, and this company was built on every click you've clicked, every share you've shared, and every dollar you've trusted us with.

You did this.

Thank You!