You Don't Always Need to Throw Up...

It's true.

Questioning your ability to hold onto your most recent meal isn't a necessary feeling every time you walk through the gym door.

This may sound like a no-brainer to you, but for me it's a relatively new concept.

As a child, and an adult, I've always been "all in" when I discovered something I was interested in.

Want to ride bikes?  YES!  Let's take them down those huge hills over there, and try not to scrape every inch of flesh off our bodies!

Want to go sledding?  YES!  Let's build giant ramps to see how much air we can catch, and then take that cheesy snowboard you got from Walmart down the steepest slope we can find!

Wanna try out these boxing gloves?  YES!  Let's beat the crap out of each other!

Want to take the boat out?  YES! And let's try to find some cliffs to jump off of while we're at the lake!

Want a beer? YES!  In fact...I want ALL the beer, and let's stay up to watch the sunrise while we're at it!

Want to go on a date? Yes! And more than that, let's get married!

When I found CrossFit, you can imagine my reaction.

Want to workout?  YES!  Let's workout until we're about to puke!  Extra points if you roll around on the floor and moan in a crumpled up pile of human wreckage!

It's my personality to go all out. That tendency has led me to some of the best moments of my life, and also some of the lowest.

Don't get me wrong.  I really do love hard workouts.  I really do love the intensity and the friendly competition, but it isn't everything.

The other day I went for a slow run in the mountains.  I got my blood pumping.  I had time to think.  I wasn't counting reps.  I wasn't calculating a percentage of my 1 rep max. I wasn't being coached. I wasn't worrying about my speed, or wondering if my performance was good enough to be on top of the whiteboard. I was just enjoying the simple pleasure of being alive. 

I was marveling at the human body, and my amazing brain that let me choose exactly where my feet should fall to avoid getting bruised by rocks.  I was noticing how the afternoon sun turned the yellow tops of our dry native grass into a vibrant sea of gold.  I noticed how every breath satisfied the need my muscles had for oxygen in a perfectly tuned symphony of give and take.

In short, I was noticing all the things I never notice during a WOD.

I think I'll always have a tendency toward excess, and being fully invested into the task at hand.  I think I'll always want to strive, and win!  I think I'll always want to experience life with a certain amount of reckless vigor, but I never want to forget the small beautiful moments that come in the absence of pressure, competition, and intensity.

I hope you'll join me in pursuing moments like this more often, and on purpose.

Have a WONDERFULLY restful weekend!

- - -

...but after that we should totally see how many double-unders we can do before we puke. Click below to design a custom speed rope that is cut to fit your height, and designed to fit your style!


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