Your Trainer Isn't Judging You

A funny thing happens when you become a trainer at your box.  You go from being someone's friend, to being the person who occasionally gets avoided like the plague at the grocery store.

Why?  Because people don't want you to see them rolling through Walmart with 2 gallons of ice cream in their cart.  They don't want to talk to you if they haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks.  They fear that if they make eye contact with you, you'll unleash some sort of guilt laden dissertation about the dangers of grains, sugar, dairy, or heaven forbid... LEGUMES!

If they're forced to speak to you, they readily offer up a defense for the contents of their shopping carts... 

"Oh I'm fine...Just shopping for my daughter's birthday party....She's having a bunch of kids I was compelled to buy 2 gallons of ice cream even though I care about my health, and would never eat any of it.  I'll probably just do some burpees while I watch everyone else get type 2 diabetes..."  


"Just picking up some filling for some pies that I am REQUIRED to cook for my son's bake sale.  I definitely won't eat any since I'm totally committed to completing the Whole 30..."

I heard a quote the other day that reminded me of this sort of thinking.  I'll probably butcher it, but it went something like this...

When you're 20 you wonder what everyone else thinks about you.

When you're 40 you stop caring what everyone thinks about you.

when you're 60 you realize nobody was ever thinking about you to begin with.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this...Worrying about the negative (or positive) judgement of others won't sustain your efforts in the long run, and those people probably aren't judging you one way or the other anyway, so be fit for your own reasons!

However, if you insist on avoiding your trainer at the grocery store, that's totally fine.  That way I won't ever get caught with a massive bag of Donettes in my cart...which I'm totally donating to a local food bank, and am definitely not going to eat while re-watching episodes of Arrested Development on my couch.

Have a wonderful day!

- - -