Beginner Jump Rope Workout - Tabata

Hey guys!

Here's another beginner jump rope workout.  You can do it with double unders, or single unders to get a quick 4 minutes of cardio whenever you're able to fit it in.

Here's how this beginner jump rope workout works...

8 rounds

20 seconds of work

10 seconds of rest

Record your WORST round.

Example:  If your reps for each round looked like this...

25, 25, 27, 23, 24, 13, 28, 22

Your Tabata score would be 13.

If all of this seems really confusing, just listen to the song in this video, and go when she says go, and rest when she says rest.

As tiffany says in the video, this is a great workout you can do anywhere.  Drop it into your warm up at the gym, take a break on a road trip, do it on your afternoon break at work...Wherever you want!

It should also be noted that while this beginner jump rope workout is perfect for practicing consistency, and it's easy to fit in anywhere, it packs a pretty hefty punch if you're doing double unders, so even if you've got quite a few dubs under your belt, it will still be challenging to keep a high score.

You'll notice Tiffany is breathing pretty heavily by the time she gets done, and she goes from 30 to 16, so play around with this one, and see if you can improve your reps over time.

Give this quick beginner jump rope workout a whirl, and let us know how it goes!

Oh, and if you're just barely getting the hang of double unders, and your looking for another good workout to mix this with, click here: 

Beginner Jump Rope Workout

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Have a WONDERFUL day!